Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Mighty and Ever-Changing Blog Roll

  • 5 Minutes for Mom

  • A Family Story

  • Abbily Ever After

  • Adventures in Baby Fat

  • All Things English

  • Alpha Dude

  • And all the Jones men

  • And then there were two!

  • Anglophile Football Fanatic

  • Butter No Parsnips

  • Cameron's Corner

  • Canadian Thoughts in Texas

  • Circle of the Muses

  • Crazy is as Crazy Does

  • Crazy Man Jones

  • Desperately Seeking Sanity

  • Diary of a Modern Matriarch

  • Fine for Now

  • GwenWorld

  • Home Grown

  • I am Trisha Marie

  • Ice Cream Mama!

  • I'm a Trouble Maker

  • Imps Playground

  • Life in the Fish Bowl

  • Life Unscripted

  • Memoirs of a Single Mom

  • Mother Bunny

  • Mrs. CPA

  • Mum to Four

  • My 4 Kids

  • My big brother (No really. He's my brother. That's not the name of his blog.)

  • My Little Corner of Life

  • NewlyWed or Nearly Dead

  • O Mighty Crisis

  • Pale is the new tan

  • Paging Polly Prissypants

  • Pardon the Egg Salad

  • Temporary?Insanity

  • The Adventures of Sarcasta-Mom

  • The First of Six

  • This is my REAL blog

  • Where to Start?

  • Please note the following:

    1) If you do not see your name here it does not mean I don't love you and think you are fantastic. It likely means I'm a huge flake and tired and have been working on this for like, six hours today and my brain is getting fuzzy.

    2) Email me if I've left you off.

    3) Don't email me if you've never read my blog, I've never read your blog because it's about German porn or some crap, and/or if I hate you.

    4) Don't worry about me hating you, because I hardly hate anybody.