Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Probably not the best idea he's ever had.

Hi. OJ Simpson? Yeah.

Not your best work.

I'm thinking maybe you should just put a big sign on your back that says, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I DID IT."

I mean:
1) You can't be tried again. It's double jeopardy or some crap.
2) We all know you did it. Come on. COME ON. We all know. Everyone knows! Even your mom knows! It's not a secret.

Really, if you are going to write a book, the title shouldn't be: I didn't do it, but because I did it, here's how I did it. You are basically confessing anyway.

Please don't stab me.


lacochran said...

LOL! Well put.

I have similar sentiments in a post on I can understand Fox wanting to distract viewers away from politics right now, given their leanings, but this is a new low, even for skeevy Fox.

I feel sorry for OJ's kids.
-lacochran (No relation to Johnny, though I wish I'd been in his will)

M said...

Oh thank you for posting this.

My head will now fucking explode.

Cod all mighty.

julie said...

Does he seriously think there is anyone who DOESN'T think he did it? Seriously delusional, that man.