Thursday, December 28, 2006

Resolutions anyone?

I really don't make New Years Resolutions anymore. I just call them "goals". Because goals sounds better, yes? Like if I say "I have these goals" then it seems like MAYBE I could possibly achieve some of them. Right?


Anyway. I've not put a lot of thought into this, honestly, and I might come up with some more, but here's a start.

1) I want to be a better wife.
I don't think I'm a bad wife, mind you. But I think I talk to much, I'm often distracted, and I don't necessarily behave as appropriately as a 31-year old woman should. I'm not out whipping my top off while I dance on the top of the bar or anything, but...okay. Last night? We went on our date and there were these kids there? And you all know I love kids, right? But these kids? Sweet GOD. The mother was drinking pretty heavily and paying absolutely no mind to the fact that the children were behaving much like a pack of wild banshees. The grandfather took them outside for a minute and the youngest, who appeared to be about six and really should have known better, ran out in front of a car. Nice. They came back in. The middle girl didn't want to put on her coat. It was freaking cold outside. She was about seven years old. She threw herself down on the floor of the restaurant and started having a tantrum.

Instead of doing anything appropriate, the mother took the two boys and went outside. She then stood there with the door held wide open. It was COLD. We were sitting BY THE DOOR. Meanwhile, the girl continued laying on the floor, having her tantrum.

I might have something (exactly) like, "Oh! Brilliant! Let's freeze and inconvenience everyone in the restaurant because we can't control our own children! I wish I had such good ideas!"

Well it worked anyway. The mother came back in and dragged the girl out.

But yeah. Probably not appropriate.

2) I want to work on my forgiveness skills.
I am really super awesome at holding grudges. I mean, I am so good that if there were some kind of grudge holding competition? I would totally be the winner. Also, I would likely win if the contest were about pop culture. But I digress.

3) Finish my novel
Did I mention I'm writing a novel? Yeah. I have over 12000 words right now.

Jason asked me last night what I was writing about.
I said, "I dunno. Me? I guess?"
He said, "That's good. You are very interesting."

(I love him)

I said, "Well, I just noticed there isn't a big market for women who were left by their ex-husband's while pregnant and are now battling infertility."
"It does seem like a unique niche," he mused.

Yeah. You think?

The worst part is that there is so much I just can't seem to remember. It's bizarre. I find myself having to look up normal things that any woman who has ever had a child should know. Like, um, what a baby is supposed to weigh and when you go to the doctor and have ultrasounds and all that. Because I had to go to the doctor four times a week and I had like, a billion ultrasounds. And I was crying the whole time and that makes it really freaking hard to remember stuff.

4) Stop working so many jobs
I don't mind to help out, honest I don't. However, I have way, way more work than I do hours in the day. It is literally impossible for me to keep up. I feel a lot of stress being so far behind all the time. I can't even do simple things like filing. I just don't have time.

Additionally? If I'm doing all the work of someone who was paid three times more than me? I should get a little increase in my coin.

5) Walk five hundred miles
I tried this one for 2006 and as you can imagine, failed pretty darn miserably. I think I'm somewhere around 200 miles as of today. Lame!

I really like walking. Honest. Especially outside and if it's a clear day. I don't even mind taking the puppy even though she often acts like we, you know, OWN THE FREAKING TRACK and tries to posture against everyone else walking there. But again, I digress.

That's all I have so far. I'm sure I need a lot more work in a lot more areas so I'll probably come up with some more.


M said...

You really are good people. I do wish I could be you when I grow up. You already knew this but, as usual, this proves it.

Those are fabulous goals.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

These are wonderful goals.


I adore you and I want a signed copy of the novel...with or without a hard cover.

Bethany said...

Great idea not calling them resolutions! I break anything called a resolution.

I will absolutely read your book. I have my 3 year old but now have infertility issues, so I can kinda relate.

velocibadgergirl said...

You're my hero forever for #1. FOREVER.

julie said...

I think those are great resolutions!

I know what you mean about forgetting the baby stuff. One of my pregnant friends asked me some questions the other day and I stared at her blankly. I don't get it. It's only been a year and a half since I was in her shoes!

CPA Mom said...

Good Lord woman, a little warning before making me ROFLMAO! I'm snorting milk (margarita) out my nose here!

I totally could beat you on the grudge holding. Right now, my MIL, FIL, BIL (multiple), Father, Step-Monster, and Sister all hate my guts and visa versa. Fun times.

Motherhood saps away at your memory, your body and your mind. I don't remember anything either. So you've got to finish your book so I can read it and live vicariously through you. Groovy.