Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's all about ME, ME, ME!

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine (I can’t call her a friend as I don’t really like her, nor can I call her a co-worker do the marked lack of work she seems to produce) about a friend’s blog and how interesting it was to see her trip to China and the new baby. The acquaintance…let’s just call her Shahnahnah, made a comment about how stupid it was to have a blog. The ensuing conversation was interesting, to say the least.

Shah: I mean, its okay for someone like HER to have a blog. But most of them are just completely stupid. Like I care what someone had for breakfast!

Chick: I’ve never seen a blog regarding what people had breakfast.

Shah: But you know what I mean. Like anyone cares about what these idiots write about! We don’t know you! We don’t care!

Chick: Hmmm.

Shah: I mean, whatever! Those people are completely narcissistic!

Chick, grinning widely: I have a blog.

Silence from Shahnahnah.

Chick: But you know, I never write about my breakfast or anything.

Shah: Well, but it’s OKAY for you to have a blog. Because you live far away from your family.

Chick: My family doesn’t read my blog.

Shah: What?

Chick: Why would my family read my blog? They are generally uninterested in me the three times a year they see me.

Shah: But don’t you write about your kids? And put up pictures of your kids?

Chick: Why would I do that?

Shah: Why wouldn’t you?

Chick: Cause I’m not a mommy blogger. Not that I have any problem with them, I’m just not one.

Shah: So you don’t write about your kids…what DO you write about?

Chick, wide-eyed: Well, YOU of course!

Shah: REALLY?!?!?!

(And I’M narcissistic?)

Chick: Well, today I am!


Brown Eyed Girl said...

I really do adore you....

You've given me food for thought....

By the way..Shahnahnah is really a Buttus Maximus.

Kellie said...

Ha--got me laughing. Would've loved to see the look on her face when you told her you blog.

CPA Mom said...

Good lord, what is this obsession with labeling blogs (Mommy blogger, SAHM blogger, etc.) Why can't we all just BE. I commented on it over at Brown Eyed Girl's blog too.

For the record, I love your blog. Even if you wrote what you ate for breakfast. Or lunch.

Dawn-A-Bon said...

Marry me. Please. Please. Jason won't mind.

Rachel said...

I really do care about what you ate for breakfast.

M said...

You're a big liar. You know you mentioned that girlchild yesterday you MOMMY BLOGGER YOU (I HATE BLOG LABELS LAAAAAAAAAAAAME)

Please tell your coworker she's brilliant. Thank cod for the male coworker because the other people you work with make my brain explode.

Margarita said...

You totally rock my socks.
I heard/saw/vaguely remember someone saying "everyone has a blog."
Really? That's weird because anytime I MENTION the word "blog" to anyone? They look at me like I have just sprouted HORNS out my cheeks.
And I would still read everyday if all you posted was what you ahd for breakfast.

velocibadgergirl said...


Yeah, I don't talk about my blog at work because of people like Shahnahnah.

Em said...

LOL...wish I could have seen the look on her face! Bet she didn't ask for the URL for you blog though! LOL

Mrs. CPA said...

Why exactly has no one told me about you before? Because everything I have read so far is awesome.

Humored Non-blogger said...

Just so you know, I just added you to my favorites to read every day because I just read this post! HA HA LMAO