Friday, January 19, 2007

TMI Fridays!

It’s like TGI Fridays without the alcohol!

Boys, I’m serious now. This stuff is gross. Here, go look at this for a while. Bid on something nice for your momma while you are there.

Okay. It happened. I got out of the car this morning and felt the big whoosh goosh. If you are a girl (or maybe just a weird girl) you know what I’m talking about.

So I come into the building and head immediately for the one bathroom that we have for 20 people and guess what? Yep. All over my pants.

I went back outside to see if there is anything in my car I can put on or hide in. Well, there is a pair of black dress pants that I need to take to the cleaners. But guess what? I have on a red t-shirt (nothing else was clean and I’m too tired for laundry) and my gray Adidas. And jeans. Not because it’s Friday but because this is how I dress for work everyday. You would too if you could.

Seriously. I am so firing my doctor. I haven’t even called, because what would be the point? So I can be talked down to and told that “breakthrough” bleeding is normal?

I know I’m a huge freak, but I think this is abnormal even for a freaky chick.


M said...

I'll save my rant and minimize

Hate your ob.

Get another.

Go to fucking urgent care if you need to.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

That whoosh goosh is worse than dreaming you're in front of your entire senior class naked.

If you weren't going next week...I'd say go somewhere now.

However, I would be ulta mega biotch at this appt next week and tell them to figure it out or they are FIRED.

Bethany said...

Time for a new doc.

I refer to the whoosh goosh as the "Niagara Effect". Yes I have a name for it. I AM a weird girl.

Emma in Canada said...

Not pretty.

However, I totally think you could start a blogging revolution with TMI Fridays.

Kellie said...

Break through bleeding IS normal...just not the whoosh goosh kind. If that had been me, I'd have driven my butt back home and either been late getting back to work or would've scrapped the work day and spent the morning on the phone chewing my doctor's office a new one and finding a new doctor!! Sorry you're dealing with all this!!

wopalockapino said...

I agree with Kellie. When I miscarried I did have that same bleeding. I was wearing a tampon and the super huge maxi with wings. You should fire your doctor if you don't feel like that are giving you the attention or care that you need. I wish you were here in MI. I have the best OB and he even has small hands!

MSUgal86 said...
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