Saturday, May 26, 2007

Red light.

My city has put in a bunch of cameras to catch people who run red lights. I was 100% certain that this effort would in no way effect my family, as we do not run red lights.

Until my brilliant husband? The one that I actually, you know, love? He got a red light ticket in the mail.

He made a right on red. Which is not illegal, of course. But you have to, you know, STOP.

We watched the video online.

He did not stop. Let me assure you. He did not even slow down.

I really could have shot him. In the face.

But I did not. Score one for therapy!

Anyhoo. I've never, ever almost been hit by someone who ran a red-light, but nearly every single day of my life I'm almost hit by someone who runs through a stop sign. Apparently stop signs are just mere suggestions and they don't really mean to actually use your brakes or anything. I'm not sure.

What I'm also not sure of is why everyone is in such a big hurry. Like yesterday morning? I was driving to work and going around 70 miles an hour and everyone was passing me as though I was sitting still. And you know where they were going? Work.

I mean, WORK. Why do you have to get there so fast? It's WORK. Do you enjoy your work just WAY more than I do?

And you know what else is sad? The first thing they'll do when they get there is get a cup of coffee and shoot the crap with a co-worker.

Now why is that so important that you have to practically mow down a mom in an SUV? Is it really freaking good coffee?

I don't know. I don't like coffee at all.


my4kids said...

Ooh bad hubby!
I got pulled over by a cop who insisted I did that. I paid the ticket but honestly I don't think I did. The intersection I was at? you have to stop and look because its always busy.

Kimberly said...

I've never had coffee, so I couldn't really say. Never rushed to work either, except in the tearing out of the house pell-mell to catch the bus because I slept through my alarm. Again. That was years ago though.

Sometimes you just have to roll your eyes and pretend not to care, else you'll end up rollin' down your window and hurling obscenities at people.

Umm...not that I've ever been tempted or anything.

Angie said...

I just drove through downtown yesterday - and snickered at those red light cameras. But, one of these days, they're gonna get me, if I'm not careful.

You still crack me up ...always.

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...


I don't care I'll tell you where I live!!. . .In Charlotte they had those things for a while!!

Notice I said H A D !!!! They just recently got rid of them b/c it was causing so many wrecks and people weren't paying their (much deserved in most cases)$50.00 speeding tickets!!!

Ohh BTW. . . that is definitely TWO points from the therapist!!! B/c had you gotten the ticket (or me~lol) THEY (our DH/dear husbands) would be bitching and moaning. . . . wa wa wa wa (Charlie Brown?)

Angela Z said...

Can you say traffic school? It happened to me many years ago and it's a very expensive fine. I was on a low blood sugar "high" and was convinced..yeah, I can make this light...wrong. Good luck. Looking back, it was one of the dumbest things I have done. Not very safe, either.

Catwoman said...

Uhm, ok, I'm going to have to side with Jason on this one. Because honestly? Until about 2 weeks ago, I could have gotten that ticket. Because really? When I pull up to an intersection to turn right and see that nobody is coming and no pedestrians are crossing, I just go, no stopping.

And I had no idea I was a felon until they talked about it on the news. So now I stop. And I'm guessing that now Jason will too.

Not about siding with the men folk. But I can actually understand his rationale on this one.

(ducks to avoid large object hurled at head by Chick.)

Joy T. said...

I'm sorry. You lost me after "I don't like coffee at all." I didn't think that was possible. But today I see it is. And I stop at all stop signs. That way I know no one is going to smash into me...and spill my coffee.

simonsays said...

I guess he will now know to stop---sometimes we have to learn the hard way. We had those cameras where I live, also. They have been disabled due to a will be interesting to see if they are determined legal in this can't do anything anymore without it being "caught" on camera!

Britmum said...

My sentiments exactly.

Take care xx

Anonymous said...

If our city ever puts those in, I'm SCREWED!! I sorta-stop. Bad, I know.

I never understood people driving balls to the walls to get work, either. It's work....a shoe sale or a buy one, six free at Target sale!!


Jocelyn said...

Ooh, for the love of Jason, indeed.

I never liked coffee until I discovered know, chocolate and whipped cream and shavings and stuff (oh, and a little coffee mixed in...)

SJ said...

Gotta love those traffic cameras! Sorry to hear about the ticket however, I think we've learned our lesson (jason)?

And yeah, take time to stop (or slow down) to smell the roses people, I'm with you on that!

Why's everyone in such a damn hurry all the time?!?!

Emily said...

If these people on the road are anything like me, they are not excited to get to work. They only allowed themselves 20 minutes or so to shower, get dressed, grab lunch, search for their shoes, and hop in the car. The rush is to be on time.

CPA Mom said...

I'm rushing to check my blogs. Like this one. I drink my coffee on the way!

p.s. our city is supposed to put those cameras back up. we had them, then they were taken down, some nonsense about "infringing on personal liberties" crap.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, those people ruching by you are probably like me. They think they have the time to sleep in an extra five or ten minutes, but then they are rushing to work to avoid being five to ten minutes late. I am practically ALWAYS late. Not today, today I was eight minutes early. And coffee=gross.

Rachel said...

Luckily, I haven't gotten one of those in the mail. I heart coffee. Not because it tastes good, but because it has lots of caffiene! I really heart caffiene.