Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Woooo! Yeah! UH-HUH! Things which are good.

-Last night was the first Girl Scout meeting and I had…drum roll please…TEN GIRLS! Ten! Can you believe it?!!?

It was awesome. Really! I am so pleased to have more than three or four girls! I can be insane around these people and they just laugh and think it's normal. It's awesome!

-Today I’m getting MY! NEW! COMPUTER!

I am so freaking excited!!! I promise I won't try to intercept the DHL truck when I'm driving to therapy. I'll be a nice person and WAIT for it to be delivered or for them to attempt to deliver.

-A really nice computer service fellow from Dell responded to my post about my computer being dead. Now, is that nice or what?!!?

-My pictures and novel? CAN be saved. WILL be saved!

(I have no way to verify this...I'm just being optimistic)


My customized Disney Maps arrived in the mail this morning! Okay, yesterday, but I didn't check the mail until this morning!

It's a good day!


Angie said...

Whoo hooo! You are having a good day.

Any day of mine is good when you add a blog entry to it! : )

Happy New Computer-ing!!

Anonymous said...

Horray for things which are good!!

My computer? Arrived Monday afternoon. The monitor? Did not. Dammit.

Amy W said...

A very good day!!

CPA Mom said...

Yeah 10 girls!!!! You are going to ROCK Girl Scouting this year.

I would be SO lost without my computer. LOST.

p.s. I bet Chocolate Chip would have worked.

dennis said...

There is such a thing as Good Karma!!


Rachel said...

FedEx would have had it there already.

Catwoman said...

I'm so glad you're having a great day!!!! Here's to many more!

frannie said...

happy, happy
joy, joy
:) :)

Morgan Leigh said...

yay for you and things which are good! :)

customized disney maps? what are those?

my4kids said...

Sounds like a great day!
My girls are going to do girl scouts this year. I'm so excited that means girl scout cookies!!!