Sunday, November 04, 2007

Animal Kingdom. And Epcot again. And MGM again.

Our last day!

Once again we woke at 6am because the future douche in training next door was shrieking to his hapless parents how they were to get up immediately and proceed with making his world a better place to live in. At that point I had just about how my limit of the offspring of Satan and I walked to the adjoining wall and said in my loudest voice, "OH MY GOD I WISH SOMEONE WOULD MAKE THAT STUPID KID SHUT THE F*** UP!"

Yeah. I went there.

Now, normally I wouldn't have said the "F" word at Disney World. Mickey has big ears. I was delirious from anger and lack of sleep and it just came out.

Anyway it worked. It immediately went quiet in that room and we heard nary a peep from them again.

So, the plan was to go Animal Kingdom.

But the plan was also to get something to eat. After my all-night puke fest, I was starving. The children and the husband are starving pretty much every second of every hour of every day.

We were on the Disney Dining Plan and there was no sit-down restaurant at Animal Kingdom that we could go to. Not one.

So we headed back over to Epcot. We looked at our Epcot map and the approximately eleven thousand restaurants they have to pick from, and decided to go to Nine Dragons and get some Chinese food.

I'm really glad we went back. I always thought Epcot was kind of for nerds and then,I realized, "Oh! I am a nerd!" It all made sense as to why I like it so much.

It was early so it wasn't yet time to eat. We decided to explore a little more and ended up going to this Viking exhibit.

I didn't know much about Vikings. I learned two things.

One, I don't like Vikings. They are kind of douchebags.

Two? My son? Could totally be a comedian. He is way funnier than....Steve Harvey. And that guy had his own show!

Then, we went over to China to explore and eventually eat. Oh my Bob in the late-day afternoon, it was gorgeous. Just stunning. I took about twelve thousand and ninety-nine pictures in China, so I won't bore you with all of them, but it was glorious.

Boy Child is very in touch with his own spirituality. Or whatever.

We went to eat at Nine Dragons and the food was glorious. It was really some of my favorite food since we had been there. The children even got red bean ice-cream which is really yummy and tastes a lot like strawberry. Boy Child spilled his on his shirt. He wouldn't be my son if he didn't.

Then? It was time to head over to Animal Kingdom.

When we got there we were lucky enough to be coming in at a time when a bunch of characters were coming over to pose with the children (and adults...lots of adults). We had not taken ANY pictures with characters to this point, so we physically assaulted a bunch of old people and took their places in line.

No...just making sure you were still paying attention. We just stood in line.

And? We got my favorite shot of Girl Child, possibly since her birth.

I have no idea why, but that look on her face just CRACKS ME UP.

We took a bunch of other shots too...I won't bore you with all of them. Jason and I even got into a few of the pictures. Also, they might show up on our Christmas cards and some of you reading might be people who would get a Christmas card from me and you know how I hate to spoil surprises.

At Animal Kingdom we just explored a lot. We walked around and looked at everything. I especially liked the Tree of Life.

The detail in that thing was mind-blowing.

We went to the Bugs Life 3D show, which the kids (also, me...and Jason) loved.

We went to Rafiki's Island to explore and possibly pet some wild animals. I have no idea since when goats are considered wild animals, but whatever.

Did you guys know that Pocahontas was from New Jersey? Me either.

We met up with Goofy and Donald before heading over to DinoWorld, or whatever they call it. We rode the Dinosaur ride and it was pretty freaking scary.

Then, because clearly we hadn't packed enough into this day, we decided to go back to MGM Studios, have dinner and watch Fantasmic, the fireworks, laser light show. Which everyone we had met told us was awesome.

But first? A trip to Pizza Planet, of Toy Story fame.

The pizza was pretty average, but the environment was so cool. It was almost completely least the upstairs was. The downstairs seemed to be buzzing with excitement. And video games.

Finally, we made our way over to the outdoor amphitheater to watch "Fantasmic". We believed the hype so much that we sat there bravely as it began to pour down the rain on us. You know, us...the ones who had no umbrellas or rain slickers.

We're so cool.

And yes. The show was totally worth it.

So ended our magical experience in Orlando.

I wish I could go back. But I have to get some new shoes first. Also? A room not next to Damien and his stupid parents.

The end!


SJ said...

Love the photos! Reading through all your adventures is making me very anxious to go to Disney with my kids.....

And we are! Well, in like FOUR years....or something like that.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Yay for yelling at Spawn of Satan! He deserved it. I liked the Bug's Life 3D,too. And, I'm with you. I could spend the whole trip at Epcot, cause it's too freaking cool!

BS said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - Jealous, I am !

frannie said...

the pictures are great--- not as great as your words, but great.

glad that you had fun in the magical world of Disney!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Oh my freakin' heck Chick. That situation with the butt-crack at dawn, Damien? Woulda made me drop the f-bomb. I totally woulda gone there after hearing that every morning, I'm afraid.

It sounds like you all had an awesome trip.

If you ever wanna go again - and do it with another family? Pick us, please;).

Catwoman said...

Good for you for sending Damian back to hell. He sounds like a nightmare. Why would his parents ever want to take him anywhere and make him think that he's being rewarded for sucking his entire life.

On a positive note, I love the pictures. And it looks like it was a fantastic time. I totally want to go now.

Edie C said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. I want to go back so bad!!

When we stayed at Pop Century, we had the same problem. The people next door were so loud. And honestly? I don't really want to hear the neighbors toilet flush everytime they go to the bathroom! :)

stepmomof2 said...

Love the pictures! Love what you said to the loud obnoxious kid too :-)

Joy T. said...

If it were Gregg and I and the kids there? We would have had to have seen Pocahontas last. Ya. My husband would have been completely embarrassing around such a pretty thang! And I would have had to hit him and the kids would have cried and we would have made a scene right there. Maybe. Maybe he would have behaved. But I doubt it. Love all the pics!

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Oh my Bob, you're killing me! Can I just tell you the word douche makes me laugh like a ten-year-old? Bonus points for using both douche, and douchebag in one post. And you were totally justified in going there.

Beautiful photos. I'm sooo jealous.

Kimberly said...

My fav is the picture of you and the kids in front of the fountain. Cuteness personified.

M said...

Next time? TAKE ME TAKE ME! Cod I am so jealous of your trip!

Minus the demon child. You have such better manners. I would've hurled the 'f' word on day one.

And for the love of cheese would you email me ALL the pictures (okay, omit the Christmas card pic if you must) because these seriously are not enough and surely you must've uploaded them all online somewhere and you can share and you should share because I've been your homie long long centuries. Or half decades.


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Good Grief!
Just reading about how much you all did one day made me tired!

Yep. You're awesome.


Emma in Canada said...

I so want to be on your Christmas card list. Just saying.

my4kids said...

I so want to go there now!
You did take a lot of pictures...

Rachel said...

I am so glad that you guys got to go! It sounds like all of you had a great time!!!!

Sabrina said...

OMG. I can't believe you went there with the neighbors. I had my hand over my mouth when I read then, then I busted out laughing. Seriously, we've all thought about doing it. Bet you wish you'd done that the first morning huh?

Love the pictures. Miss Disney desperately.