Tuesday, December 04, 2007

General announcements

  • I hate my freaking bra. I always hide it in the bottom of my drawer and after a few months I see it and go, "Ooh! I forgot about that bra!" and then I wear it? And by about 11am I hate it and want it dead.
  • I don't know why I don't just throw the freaking bra in the trash.
  • Two people have really screwed me over financially lately and it's really making me want to distrust and/or bitchslap everyone.
  • I went and saw the Nutcracker on Ice tonight. My friend was one of the leads. She's so awesome.
  • I wish I could ice skate.
  • If I attempted to ice skate, my ankles would crack.
  • Probably the ice too.
  • I'm watching the "Towelie" episode of South Park and having a hard time not waking up the children with my maniacal laughter.
  • Also? Mr. T just came on the television. Random.
  • Even though it's like, twelve degrees outside, I want ice cream.
  • And? Socks without a hole in the toe.
  • I have like twenty things to mail and just cannot get motivated to go to the post office.
  • I want to go to bed.
  • I have so much work to do that I'll never catch up.
  • I don't care.
  • I want my friend to find her cat.
  • I want my friend who hasn't talked to me in months to call me.
  • I also want a new job.
  • And? In case I didn't mention it? Ice cream.
  • Sorry this post was a total waste of the 1.6 minutes it took you to read it.


frannie said...

I want my friend to find her cat, too. it is so sad.

Joy T. said...

Well lordyb I'm first to comment. My god the pressure!! I hope your friend finds her cat too. And you get your ice cream.

Joy T. said...

What? Hey!!! slightly nudging tiny little frannie for budding in line....or typing faster.

SJ said...

Oh, I hope your friend finds her cat and I hope that Santa brings you some new bras and socks to go with those pajamas you asked for!

I have stuff to mail too, but I haven't - need to get on that as well.

Love South Park. Did you know that that's a real town in Colorado, about 2 hours from where I live? It's a magical little town!

Heather said...

I've been wanting ice cream a lot lately, too! Weird since it's so friggin cold!

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

My general rule of thumb has always been that ice cream ALWAYS tastes better in the cold!! My Jason has always found it strange, but I can't help myself.

I wish you had a new job too. And that your friend would find her cat. And that you had hole-free socks.

Jocelyn said...

I read it in 45 seconds. It didn't feel like a waste.

Could you turn your bra into a holeless sock?

And then eat ice cream out of the other cup?

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Throw the bra out already. Buy a new one. Ditto on the socks.

Get some ice cream.
The sit back and sigh a little quivery sigh of happiness;).

alissa said...

Like Jocelyn, I also read it in about 45 seconds...

You only have ONE bra you don't throw out? I've got a drawer full. Ranging from DD to B. Some ripped, some with wires sticking out the sides, some black, some white. I don't wear any of them. And yet... there they remain.

Angie said...

It's never a waste to read what you have to say.

Off to work!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are worth every second :)

I have a bra that makes my boobs look like I actually HAVE boobs, but it makes me itch, too. Nothing like wandering around Target scratching your girls, huh?

I had ice cream last night. It was 19 degrees outside. I didn't care.

I, too, want my friend to find her cat :(

I want my step-Dad, who hasn't returned ANY of my calls in the last three years to pick up the phone. Sucks.

Morgan Leigh said...

I hope you get your ice cream. :) ice cream is always, always always better in the cold. :)

CPA Mom said...

I wanted ice cream too so I sent HP out for a peppermint bruster's milkshake last night.

you must have gotten to the post office recently because I got my Christmas card! Thanks!

M said...

I love you on bagels. Throw away the bra. Get new socks. (OR ELSE!!!)

The people screwing you financially? I'll cut them.

If you get motivated to go to the PO will you mail my stuff off too? While you're at it will you collect and address my christmas cards?

AND if that friend calls you? Will you have her call me? I miss her too.

Oh. I have icecream. If you move here? You can have good (cheap!) icecream. Vanilla bean is all I offer now but sometimes simple is good.

Catwoman said...

I have that bra too. And just like you, every few months I'm like "oh! cute bra!" And then I wear it and then I pretty much cry all day and want the world to implode so I'm not being jabbed by sharp metal any longer.

Why is our attention span so short???

Kimberly said...

No worries. I'm a fast reader.

I think we have a lot of the same issues...although the seven inches of snow we have going on makes hot chocolate look more enticing than ice cream.

If you can track some down, try to get some L-Theanine chewable tablets. Seriously Chick, life changing stuff. I'm not the pusher type, but I'm so reviewing this stuff on my blog this week.

I've been happy this week. And that's a big deal.

julie said...

OMG... I love Towelie. I forgot about him until I read that.

Rebecca said...

Oh thank God, I am not the only closet south park watcher. I try to not reveal that in public, but seriously, that show is freaking hilarious.