Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's a good thing I have a sense of humor.

So. After I did this? I was trying not to walk so much. Because I didn't want to make it worse.

I'm the Queen of Making Things Worse.

But since that happened Saturday and today is Tuesday, I was feeling a lot better. True, I cursed a lot on Saturday night and even more on Sunday and maybe just a little Monday, but I won't guarantee that Monday's cursing was about the pain in my knee and ankle so much as it was about just life in general. Today was Tuesday. The pain wasn't bad. I can bend and twist my legs in any number of ways and don't feel like I need to curse and/or vomit.

So I decided to go for a walk.

After about two minutes on the trail it started to rain.

By ten minutes? It was pouring the rain. Buckets. BUCKETS.

So my walk was only twenty minutes. So I walked about a mile. And probably won any wet t-shirt contests that I was unwillingly participating in.

So yay for walking. And Hurray for Boobies!

And PS. If you are the person who found my blog by Google searching, "Take a wicked pee"? I think I might love you.


Meagan said...

Walking in the rain can be cathartic sometimes. But it doesn't sound like that was the case today. Sorry about that.

And there's no option for Name/URL comments over on Hurray for Boobies, so here's the comment I tried to leave over there:

Whoa, Chick! And, um, 52 minutes walking AFTER doing that? Is 52 minutes more than I walk at all. I'm so proud of you!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

"Wicked pee" - is that like a UTI? :)

giants fan said...

I love to take a wicked pee!!!

SJ said...

Oh ow. I've went and done something to my knee too....but it doesn't look as bad as yours!

Hooray! For Boobies indeed. And maybe some Tylenol to numb the pain.

squishytushy said...

In my house we just call it a gusher. But then again, we also refer to those balled up snotty kleenex's as wontons.

Chelle said...

Ohhhh I hate getting caught in the rain like that. I've had it happen, and it Was. Not. Pretty.

Congrats on the weight loss this month too - you're kicking ass!! :D

Rachel said...

How do you pee wickedly? I am intrigued.