Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fame is an ugly mistress.

I was at the gym this afternoon running through my usual routine when a young girl that I am friendly with came into the ladies only room.

Okay, to be totally fair? Friendly might be a bit strong. She's very sweet and always chats me up when she's there and she talks a lot about her husband and Jesus and how she and her husband love Jesus. So I'm not going to be rude to her or anything because I'm in pretty good with Jesus these days and I don't want to make him mad.

But anyway. That's not important.

She came in and said hello to me. She got on the treadmill next to me and started chatting. About Jesus, I think. I wasn't paying that much attention because I had ramped the treadmill up to 4.2 and I was trying not to die.

And yes, I know that makes me lame. But I'm fat and not good at running so 4.2 was hard. So sue me.

ANYWAY. That is also not important.

What IS important is that there were several other people in the room and one of them was an older lady who came over to my treadmill and said:

"Didn't I hear you on the radio?"

AND YES! I was on the radio! And YES! Oh my sweet Lord! People are recognizing me!

I was so excited but trying desperately to be cool so I said, "Yes, that was me!"

And then she said, "Yes! You are Jennifer!"

And seriously. I'm not kidding. I still thought she meant me because people call me Jennifer all the time, so I said, "No, I'm Stephanie".

And she said, "No. Your name is Jennifer. You are on that B97.5.

That's not me.

Did you ever see that episode of Spongebob in which Spongebob is in a commercial for The Krusty Krab? And it airs on late-night television? And he stays up late to watch it? And you can see the corner on his head for about 2 seconds? And the next day an old man sees him and says, "I saw you on television last night!" and Spongebob gets really excited? But what the man actually saw was a box of cereal, which is the exact same shape as Spongebob?


It's not fun being a box of Bran Flakes.


Kimberly said...

Oh heck.


Are the people your open letters are technically addressed to going to find your blog now?

This could either be really, really funny or...not so much...


Dan said...

That happens to me from time to time since I host a radio show on one station and there are similar shows on the other two. What I really like is when they are willing to argue with you over who you are and where they heard you!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Just ordered your book... Can't wait to read it.

How did she confuse you from one radio station to another? That's weird... I mean. It's radio, right? People can't see you on the radio... so how would they recognize you? By your voice? I guess... Hmmm.

Jake said...

Haha...good ol' Spongebob....lol...Bran Flakes

Angie said...

I saw you . . .once. . . at some concert thing, right? Your name is Nadia, and that lovely gentleman with the impeccable, well-groomed beard is the namesake of this blog, right?

It was really cool meeting you. . .and God. :)

That Chick Over There said...


The point is (since I guess it's not obvious), no one gives two craps about me. I was starting to get the big head thinking SO many people heard me on the radio and it was SO great or whatever, when she just mistook for me for some other person.

Sigh. It's so hard being a loser.

Sabrina said...

LMAO! My kids are addicted to spongebob...

Quiet City said...

To your readers you'll never be a box of Bran Flakes.

CPA Mom said...

You are NOT a box of Bran Flakes. You are Mini-Wheats all.the.way (that's my fav!) :-)

I wog (walk/jog - your term that I LOVE and my husband makes fun of me for using) at 4.0 on the treadmill at zero incline and I die too.

Incidentally,my hubby left the incline at 2.0 and I didn't notice and I did the entire 2 miles yesterday at 2.0 and literally had to hold on to not fall off and I thought I was a complete LOSER and out of shape.

That does not mean I'll be doing 2.0 again anytime soon but still... goals!

Wenderina said...

I didn't think I could laugh any harder until you started comparing your life to Spongebob's. You're a trip.

SJ said...

Oh you're not a loser. Or bran flakes or whatever...

That chick just apparenlty wasn't cool enough to really 'know' you. What a shame....