Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have I mentioned?

That I hate this guy?

Not just allegedly. I really hate him.

I should probably mention that even if it's not true? I still hate him.

And yes, I know Jesus doesn't want me to hate people. But I think he'll give me a pass on this douche.


Nicole said...

I love this line:

"I've always suspected that if you replace 'my campaign' with 'my penis' politicians would start making more sense."

Sally said...

If Jesus doesn't want you to hate people, he sure as heck doesn't want a terminally ill mother of small children embarrassed by the fact that her PIG of a husband can't keep it in his shorts.

John Edwards deserves a little hateration.

Crystal said...

I couldn't agree more, he's a complete douche nozzle.

kelly said...

What really makes me want to vomit are the worries that must go through Elizabeth's mind. Imagine knowing that you are going to die and your children could end up in the care of that ho-bag and playing family with daddy's love child. At least when she passes she'll no longer feel the pain of the hatchet her husband put in her back.

Allie said...

Uhhh, yeah, what a douche kabob!

Anonymous said...

Some people totally deserve the hate.

I'm thinking Jesus probably hates him too.

Patience said...

Unfortunately he's just one of countless politicians who can't keep 'em in their pants!!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Even before all this came out, back when he was John Kerry's running mate, he made my "Douch Bag Alert" sirens go off.

He's just totally sleezy.

Anonymous said...

*stepping on soap box*

Add my vote to hating this douche!!! I feel so sorry for his poor wife and kids!!

I don't get the whole cheating on someone (my ex did it very well sigh). Either you are with someone or you aren't, enough about with the screwing around.

*stepping off soapbox*