Saturday, June 27, 2009


Interesting program that Greensboro North Carolina has.

I totally could have went to college for free y'all. I can't get pregnant NO MATTER WHAT I DO. I would totally be the winner and then avoid paying for all that birth control that I shelled out mucho dollars for all those years when I didn't realize how much my very own body hates me. I wouldn't have even had to take out any student loans!

And? If they had it now, for me? I could pay off my student loans.

So hit me up Knoxville! I promise I won't get pregnant! I will totally follow the program! Promise! No matter what!

Yes, I know this is a bad joke. I'm having a rough week.


Angie said...

Girl....I am so sorry. And, honestly, your kids are a little older than E was when I finally got pregnant with C. But, I had days like that. . . and if I am honest, I still have days where I struggle with my own "destiny" as it were.

Everyone deals with the cards they're dealt -- ha, punny there -- in different ways. Some laugh. Some sulk. Some make jokes (this post really was funny, in a way). Some write books. Others write songs, poems, or graffiti.

You really are an amazing soul -- and I'm proud to call you my friend. . . even though we only seem to see each other at events with hundreds of people around! :)

Jillie said...

....and Angie....
Some of us garden.


Anonymous said...

That is a program they really need here in Houston TX. Don't think it would work but would be nice to see.