Sunday, August 23, 2009


If you are a user of the Facebook? Please think twice before posting a status involving:

1) Who you want to sleep with.
2) How drunk you currently are.
3) Who you want to sleep with while drunk.
4) Your period or any part of your period.
5) How big your poop was.

No, I'm not kidding.


(PS: Also? If you want to be my friend, that's cool. But tell me who you are so I don't think you are a random stalker. I have those, you know.)


CPA Mom said...

sounds like you have some submissions for

The Wades said...

My first time to stop over and I find some really helpful advice!
Thanks. :)

SJ said...


Dawn~a~Bon said...

oh how horrifying!

Twisted Cinderella said...


Lil Mouse said...

Yeah, I have read quite a few 'I was so drunk' things, which is terribly annoying, but the people who use it as a political springboard are SO much worse. My eyes were fairly bleeding from a few of my high school-mates posts about health care that I blocked them. When they shut up about it, I'll unblock them. They both have kids, one was a male and one a female, and they never posted a single thing about their spouses, their jobs, their work, favorite tv, or their kids. Just politics. Barf.

Heather said...

Yes politics should be added to that list. I block vocal politickers on either side of the issues. If I want to hear it, I'll turn on the news.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, and yes politics should def be added to that list!

Allie said...

LOL, I get sick of the ones talking about how little Billy or Jane made a poopie. Or this one girl tells us what she eats every freakin' night, might I add: she has horrible eating habits.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog, but don't blog myself. LOVE yours!!
I'm glad you allow anonymous comments cause that's the only way I can post, right now. :)

~ PattiLynn

M said...

Look man. I'm not stopping talking about my period on facebook. Any of you who know me already know I have no filter. I KNOW I deserve to be posted on lamebook lol.

But for the general public your rules? So apply.

Alpha Dude said...


Good thing I am a regular stalker and not a random one.