Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Love.

I went to visit my friend Summer yesterday. She has both a husband and a baby I had never met before our visit.

Her baby just turned a year old and oh. my. heart.

Cutest baby alive. I'm not kidding. Oh dear God. My ovaries ACHED at the sight of this child.

The baby? Loved me too.

I don't know why the babies always love me. Other than the obvious which would be that God is playing a cruel, cruel joke on me. But every baby I meet? Loves me.

If I had to guess? It's one of three things:

1) The masses of hair that they like to pull
2) The pretty, pretty shiny necklace I wear which they like to pull
3) The boobs

In fact, the baby crawled over to me and wanted to sit in my lap. Once there, he grabbed a large handful of my hair and said, in wonder, "THIS!"

Okay, so "this" was pretty much all he could say.

Then? He took his ICE COLD SIPPY CUP and stuck it in my cleavage. To which I responded, "WOO!"

He then smiled and said, "THIS!"

Okay then.

He then grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled downward. Free peep show for my friend's husband. Awesome.

Then? The baby, who I had pretty much ascertained at this point to being well on his way to being a normal male, began to kiss me. WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

And not just any kisses. The huge, slobbery, wet, open mouth kisses favored by infants and toddlers everywhere.

I emailed my friend this morning and said, "I love your baby even though he molested me and tried to french me".

It was a great day.



Baby kisses! They smell so good.

Kimberly said...

I have no idea why, but something about that just got me laughing out loud like mad. And I must have needed it because I feel SO much better now. Thanks for that.

Madame Queen said...

I'm guessing babies recognized a good soul when they see one.

SJ said...

I know why your friends baby loved you to death! It's because he had good taste....


Allie said...

LOL, baby french kisses are the best.

Bethany said...

In the last few weeks Scoop has begun to give closed mouth kisses with great mmmmmmmmmaah! sounds.

I kind of miss the sloppy frenching. There's always the Big Guy but it's not the same.

Dawn~a~Bon said...

I GUESS he's allowed to be the cutest baby until mine is born to dethrone him, LOL.

I'm glad you enjoyed the visit!

marythemom said...

What's not to love?

He has good taste and you probably taste good! *grin*


Anonymous said...

Oh, Man- those babies! Don't get me started!


Chelle said...

mmm, baby kisses. I was hanging with a friend's 3 month old last night, and got covered in puke and I'm STILL all "awwww, baby" about the whole thing. You can probably hear my ovaries aching from there.

Anonymous said...

LOL tooo cute!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Kids can sense when someone is cool or not. And you? Clearly cool.