Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kids say the craziest things.

Boy Child: Master of all things obvious, as we walked to the pharmacy: Do you need something at the pharmacy?

Me: Yes.

Boy Child: Can you tell me what it is?

Me: It's just girl stuff.

Girl Child: It's probably birth control pills.

Boy Child: Girl Child! Mom doesn't take birth control pills! She can't have more children!

Me: That's right. I don't need birth control pills.

Boy Child, after a moment: I'm sorry you can't have any more children mom. But think of this have me and Girl Child. And if you had another baby, you'd have lots of things to pay!

Me: True!

Boy Child: I hear diapers are very expensive!

Girl Child: So do I! I hear that!


PaintedPromise said...

they are just so dang sweet and cute!

PaintedPromise said...
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KrustyLynn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! They are just the cutest, funniest, sweetest things!!

Toritopia said...

Okay, this is the sweetest thing I've heard all day. Those children truly love you and that is the most wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Your kids? I am their fan.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Those kids of yours!


Anonymous said...

OMG that is too cute and too funny too. Just for that they need hugs lol,

CPA Mom said...

I hear that too!! :-) xoxo

Lil Mouse said...

your kids need a fan page on facebook.