Monday, January 22, 2007

Every house needs a reindeer.

Most people will tell you that dogs do not like to have anything on their heads.

They, clearly, have not met Ginger.

Give the dog a hat, she'll wear it. Give the dog a birthday party, she'll get down. Give the dog some antlers (that blink with flashing lights! Flashing lights people!), and she'll rock the house.

She is my dog. If it was possible for a human being to give birth to a dog, she would unmistakeably be my child. She's fluffy, like me and has curly hair, like me. She's friendly and funny like me. And she looks good in hats! And I totally went through a New Kids on The Block phase when I was like, fourteen, and I wore a black velvet hat all the time! Even to school! And I looked super.

She is my dog. She is much, much more than a dog. She is my companion and my friend. I am grateful every day of my life for her.

Also, the kids are pretty cute too.


Kellie said...

She's a keeper! I share the same feelings for my 10 yr. old chocolate Lab. He's my best friend...I hate to even THINK of what it'll be like when it's his time to go the never ending bowl of food in the sky :( Oh yeah...the kids are are keepers, too :)

That Chick Over There said...

LALALALALALALA! Can't hear you! My dog will live forever! LALALALALALALA!!!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Cool dog.
She's a little bigger than the Grinch's "reindeer".

Thanks for the comments.

Bethany said...

what a cutie!

Ashley said...

Hey! cute dog, and kids of course - Oh yeah, I haven't commented in awhile - You Rock!!!!

my4kids said...

Doggie's cute in the antlers!
Hey you know what I totally went throught New Kids on the Block phase also at 14 and wore t-shirts all the time with their pictures on it. It's embarrasing but I was really obsessed

M said...

I love the people in this picture. Ginger is a people in my world therefore she's included in my loving. Your family is far too fabulous looking to be real. And then they are kind, fabulous, and funny to boot. Un.real.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Ginger is your child. No doubt about that.

Thing is I'm with M..look at how lovingly the kids hug and love on her and she's just all propped up sitting in the middle like the big sister, except that she's the baby.

One big happy family you have there!

P.S. Adorable children come from fantastic Mothers, in case you didn't know!

That Chick Over There said...

She's the baby except she weighs more than either one of them! HA! :)