Saturday, January 13, 2007

Things I really do say.

Conversation #1
Chick, singing to the puppy: Don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT like Ginger? Don't you wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like Ginger? Dontcha?

Jason: Um. Did you just say, "A freak like GINGER?"

Chick: Yes.

Jason: You are aware that Ginger is a DOG, yes?

Chick: She can still get her freak on.

Jason, sighing patiently: Honey, she's been spayed.

Conversation #2
Boy child: Mommommommomom!

Chick: Sonsonsonsonsonsonsonson!

Boy: I'm going to say math problems and you can tell me the answers okay?

Chick: Is this for homework?

Boy: No, just for fun.

Chick: Now that's cooking with gas!

Boy, patiently: Not cooking mom. MATH.

Chick: Okay, yeah. Go ahead.

Boy: What's 10x10?

Chick: 100.

Boy: What's 5x5?

Chick: 25.

Boy: What's 3x7?

Chick: 21.

Boy: Are all of those right mom?

Chick: As far as you know!

Conversation #3
Chick: How many times have I said the f word today?

Co-worker, pondering: Um...four hundred and sixty-seven.

Chick, pondering: Yeah. That's about right.


CPA Mom said...

That's "F" for "fun" right?

Em said...

467...I knew I liked you!

But as for a dog getting her freak on...hmm....I don't need to know everything! ;)

SJ said...

I too love the 'f' word. Just can't help myself sometimes.

M said...

467? What? Are you trying to compete with me? you KNOW I win the 'f' word race.

xoxo. I dreamed of cookies. And your childfolk delivering them by hand. Make it so.

Amy W said...

I gotta quit saying the f word. Really I do.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

467??? That's EXACLTY one more time than me.

You win!

I love you, Ginger, Jason and those adorable kids of yours....