Thursday, April 12, 2007

Even my dog is a fatty la-la.

I guess it runs in the family!

I took her to the vet. They did all the fun stuff. Stick up the butt, two shots, and drew blood. She was remarkably unmoved by these intrusions. She didn't even bark or whine.

The vet came in, examined her, and said, "Well, she could stand to lose a little weight."


She weighs 66 pounds. I really, swear to Frog, just though she was extremely fluffy.

No, not so much. She has a layer of flab on her that needs to come off.

As I put her in the car I asked if she'd like to join Weight Watchers with me.
She just looked at me like I'm a fool.

So. I guess I have to convince my husband not to slip her potato chips or let her lick the pudding out of his pudding cups. Goober.


Kimberly said...

I wish licking pudding cups were my only problem. ~sigh~

Kellie said...

My Lab use to get the crust to bread/toast/pizza, lick the bowl after I had ice cream and a small part of anything I ate. It had to stop because of a) his hefty weight gain and b) the older he got, his belly became unable to handle the food. Your poor dog...having to kick pudding cups cold turkey will be tough!!

EE said...

Dogs can be real pigs!! teehee

moosh in indy. said...

You win the award for best blog of all the blogs I've hopped tonight. Switch to fat free pudding cups, I doubt the canine will notice, the human may be pissed though.

Britmum said...

I have been reading on and off but I am so bad at keeping up at the moment. I love your blog so much though and yours in the first I read.

I am sorry you have been having tough times. Big big hugs from Phoenix to you lovey.

Take care xxx

P.S. Sorry that the pooch had pounds to loose. Poor puppy!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Ginger needs to go on a diet.

NOW I have heard it all.

My "About to be acquire" Beagle needs to go on a diet too. She's chunky.

Did they say how much they want her to lose?

Shanilie said...

Aww, I have been tempted to get a dog....I keep thinking that way it would drag me out to give me a walk! lol

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Will she have to go on the "South Pooch Diet"?

Catwoman said...

What's wrong with having more dog to love? That cold hearted vet!

SJ said...

Doggy diets, who would have thought? Although I think my dogs could use a diet too - all three of them. Those little sneaks get into the garbage for scraps when we aren't looking and try and steal food off the table.

Good luck with this....