Friday, August 10, 2007

I got your photos right here.

Okay, seriously? My sister's baby could not look any more like me unless she literally fell out of my own vagina.

Granted, you guys don't know what I looked like when I was a baby.

It's pretty much this.

Boy Child and Girl Child had to get in on the action, of course.

Girl Child did quite well, as you can see. Basically she's one of those people who was born a Mother. She's been bossing me and Boy Child around since she could speak. No lie, I used to say, "Boy Child, what do you want for dinner?" and she'd say, "He'll have chicken!" And I'd say, "Girl Child, please. Let your brother speak." And I'd say, again, "Son, what will you have for dinner?" and he'd look at her and she'd nod, ever so slightly, and he'd say, "I'll have chicken."

He'll be a great husband someday.

Anyway, Boy Child was significantly less certain of his own parenting abilities, as evidenced by this photograph:
Note the look of "What the damn hell?" on his sweet face.

He did a little better after that, though.

Yesterday was the first day of school and we had to take the requisite First Day of School Photo. Okay, I took like, ten. Or so. But this is the best one.

Yes, we are of the same race, although I am so white I glow. And yes, they are nine, although Girl Child appears to be ready for Pre-Med.

And finally, because I'm like that yo, here are some photos of my children, including the furry one I call Ginger or sometimes Asshole Dog. (I mean that affectionately, really)

Yes! She CAN get a what-what!

I only have about two hundred more, but I'll be nice and not post them all.

Happy Friday y'all!


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Happy Friday, Chick!

Adorable family!


SJ said...

I'm overwhelmed with all the cuteness! Seriously! The baby is cute, you are cute, your kids are cute, the DOG is cute!

What a great way to end a Friday! Have a great weekend!

Blue Momma said...

I'm with SJ, overwhelmed with the cuteness.

Yet I'm thinking your labor must have been reeeeeealy easy after that "fell out of your vagina" remark.

nailgirl said...

Love the pics!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Happy Friday Chick:).

That first photo of boychild is hilarious. His FACE! lmao.

I love your dog. I sometimes call my dog ASSHOLE too. Coz, well, he is sometimes, but I mean it affectionately too (kinda sorta in that moment).

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Oh - oh - oh --- almost forgot. The baby is sooooo cute. (so are your kids)

Audrey said...

That story about Boychild "deciding" to have the chicken is classic. So funny!

Your dog looks very much like my childhood dog did. So, naturally, I have a soft spot for her, even if she is an asshole!

Your niece is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the "what the damn hell?" pic!!

Adorable children. Cute ass dog. :)

Joey said...

holy crud.
is she wearing a cinch belt ? (!)
that is fantastic!

Emma in Canada said...

That baby is freaking adorable.

And your daughter is so very well dressed. Can she give mine some hints?

Sarcastic Housewife said...

Their first day of school picture is darling!

Jocelyn said...

I like that Boy took a stand: "I will smile, but I will not TOUCH the baby."

Great dimples on your Girl. So swell, they both are.

EE said...

Can't believe your kids have already started school!
They sure are cuties!

Tamsyn said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! And yes, I am laughing at the contrast between that photo of Miss Girlchild confidently cradling your Minime, and the photo of the Boychild, who looks very much the picture of masculine woe at being presented suddenly with an infant to hold.

Angie said...

Tooooooo Cyuuuuuuute! Love the niece pics. What a doll.

Hope the kids liked the first full day. Edison's first day is Monday.

Ah, the joy!

frannie said...

love the photos!

and love girlchild rocking the shorter do! she looks fab!

Ann(ie) said...

Beautiful kids all around!! That is especially a gorgeous brand new baby! Happy Weekend!

Rachel said...

I looked at this entry on Friday and I am just now recovered from all the dang cuteness!!! Your niece is gorgeous!!

And, you already know this, so are your babies! The first time my brother held Kaylie, he looked like that first pick of BoyChild! And he was 22 years old!

Catwoman said...

Do you have any idea how much I've missed you and your kid folk?

Man do you all ever rule! They are some gorgeous, gorgeous kids!

And I'm glad to hear your niece is finally here!