Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School Board Confessional.

The following is a conversation which took place between two school board members in my county.* We'll call them Clyde and Willie.

Clyde: So! What are we going to do this year to really irritate and annoy the parents as much as possible?

Willie: uniforms?

Clyde and Willie laugh hysterically.

Clyde: Duh! Parents would actually LIKE that Willie! We're not about making their lives easier here at the school board!

Willie: about we start school really, really early?

Clyde: Good form Willie! How about August 27th?

Clyde and Willie laugh hysterically.

Willie: Come ON.

Clyde: Okay...August 13th?

Willie: Clyde. Get with it. That's a MONDAY. That would be far to easy.

Clyde: Okay...August 9th.

Willie: A Thursday?

Clyde: A Thursday.

Willie: Beautiful!

Clyde: Ooh! And to make it better? Let's tell the afterschool programs to not open full-time until the 13th. So all the parents will have to take off work early to pick up their kids.

Willie, wiping away tears: That's beautiful man!

*No, not really.


Anonymous said...

Uh....I'm an idiot, but I'm gonna guess and say your kids start school a week before after care will be open? Want me to come to you and take the kidlets until you get home from work? Morgan and I would have a blast!!

JustRandi said...

How is it that Clyde and Willie are on my School Board too? They must really get around.
Good luck with the afterschool care!

Bethany said...

Wait... your kids go back to school tomorrow? What the hell, summer isn't even close to being over.
We are just going on vacation tomorrow.

And no after care until Monday? Send them to Clyde and Willie's.

Your poor kids. And you.

Ms Kim said...

Can't believe Clyde and Willie are moonlighting out here in CA! The nerve!

Stacey said...

Amazingly enough, Clyde and Willie are hanging out in southern Missouri, too.

I am a former teacher, and I SWEAR they sit around and actually HAVE these conversations. Dammit.

Kimberly said...

Good friggin' grief.

Sarcastic Housewife said...

Clyde and Willie really get around as I think their children Olaf and Nils work here. We start school on a Wednesday here. It has about the same effect - especially since the kids get the next Monday off.

nailgirl said...

We start the 21st of August here. What happened to the good ole days when kids like me started after labor day??

Amy W said...

Considering Ashley has to wear a uniform to daycare in a few weeks, I feel your pain!

Angie said...

Heh heh. . . at least Clyde & Willie in Sevier County. . .we'll call them Buster and Lumpy. . . they're waiting until most of the tourists go home.


Edison starts at his (clearing my throat) private school (gag me) on monday.

I'm sorry. . . we really do live in the land of incompetence, don't we?

Rachel said...

You must be talking about King Willie, hated mayor of my fair city. Our schools start Monday! What the hell happened to summer vacation for kids?

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Quite believable.


Emma in Canada said...

But summer's not even half way done! They expect kids to sit in class in a heatwave? I'm assuming it's pretty hot down your way.

SJ said...

What a way to start off the school year! Yay!

You poor thing....

Morgan Leigh said...

ewwww.... i remember that our school started wednesday every year, and the first 3 days were early release, and my mom worked 2 jobs and no bus went to our house. to say the least, my mom was always ticked off. most of the time, i didn't go the first 3 days of school

simonsays said...

What would the world be without good old Clyde and Willie? They are on every school board, everywhere.....

Angie said...

I gave you honorable mention props on my blog. . .you've already received the "rockin blogger" award. But, you deserved mentioning again.

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...


Catwoman said...

Do you also have hidden microphones at other irritating people's offices?

Because I'm really glad to know what they're really saying behind our backs. You're like the Anderson Cooper of the blogging world. And you're just as sexy as he is.