Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving on.

I'm currently obsessed with my new house.

What? You didn't know I have a new house?

Well, you aren't missing anything. I'm obsessed with a house I don't have yet.

A couple of weeks ago after my car was hit and my drivers side mirror busted by a man who lives in my neighborhood who proceeded to get out of his car, call me a fat ass and make verbal threats to me, I went home and said to Jason, "The hell with this. We're moving."

So yay! We're moving.

But not today. We started looking at houses and even went to some open houses and talked to Realtors and so on and then *I* said, "Why don't I pay off my car first?"

I know, I know. What is UP with me? What am I? Fiscally responsible or some crap?

Apparently so.

So we're moving. Probably next summer.

And, sadly, the thing I'm most excited about? Is getting the children twin sized beds. Because what they have now is a taken-apart bunk bed. And they visited my parents and innocently said that the beds my parents have are softer and I got the big stink-eye from my mom about how I really should just get my children a decent bed. Because clearly, I lived in luxury as a child. If by luxury you mean I had curtains made out of old bedsheets and didn't own a pair of pants that my brother didn't wear first until I was like, twelve.

But I digress.

So excited am I about the children's new beds, that also don't exist, I went and bought these:

Now, I will spend several months obsessing over the potential of the yellow stripes making the Boy Child's room to girly and how I can convince Jason to let me paint Girl Child's walls green.

In our house that doesn't exist.

I'm cool like that.


Dawn~a~Bon said...

OMG I love those sheets! Especially Boy Child's! I want those for my bed at my house! (I love Girl Child's too but I think that Mr. B would protest at sleeping in pink floral prettiness!)

stepmomof2 said...

I love those comforter sets too! Don't worry, I'm sure your kids will have beautiful beds soon in a brand new or new to you house.

Joy T. said...

Too funny! Good luck on the house hunting. And there's something about stripes that I just love. I see stripes and I have to buy. I have so much freakin stripped paper from the craft store I don't know what to do with!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love the green! That looks wonderful! I always dream of new ways to decorate too

frannie said...

I love those beds!!! they are both amazing!

you should move to Atlanta

we have the CDC here-- I'm sure you can get a job there!m

Morgan Leigh said...

i love the flowery blanket set. what's the fancy name for it? a duvet or something? see how dumb i am. anyways, i love both sets. (in my neck of the woods, we call them "bed in a bag"s. :)

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You're future bedrooms in your future house are going to be amazing! And, since you did the Girl Scout thing, you know it's okay to always Be Prepared for future events. In my future house I'm going to have the library with the staircase Belle swung around on in Beauty and the Beast.

Lizarita said...

Holy crap I love those bedroom sets for your children's potential new rooms. You are a good picker-outer. And I don't think the yellow is girly at all. And green would be awesome with the Girl Child's stuff.

nailgirl said...

Love the bedding!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Boy Child's set!! I don't think yellow is girly at all.

Moving is FUN!! Picking out things for a house you don't own or beds you haven't bought yet? Twice as fun!!

Angie said...

You are too cool for school. Love girl child's stuff!

Kimberly said...

Those are such gorgeous bedding sets...I just want to cry.

Catwoman said...


And seriously? Your neighbors? Are the devil incarnate.

SJ said...

Love the bedding. And really, your neighbor did that?

You should equip yourself with a tire iron and swing like a mad woman whenever that asshat comes even remotely close.

Rachel said...

Love the bedding! Dude, I totally decorate the house I don't have and I won't even have it by next summer.