Monday, April 14, 2008

Joanie, we hardly knew ye.

In an effort to avoid dwelling on what a hot mess I am, I watched a whole lot of television this weekend. One program I watched was Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp.

Typically, I enjoy various incarnations of the Celebrity Fit Club theme. Largely because none of them are really celebrities (I had never, ever heard of one of them) and also, it's about one of the topics that is always on my mind: weight loss.

Okay, not really. It's about people being crazy and crying and acting a fool.

Either way. I still like it.

Until this weekend? Joanie? From Happy Days? Who is like, maybe 125 pounds TOPS so I have no clue why she's even ON this show? Faked an orgasm on the bus. Because she was drunk off her hiney and possibly on smack. I'm not sure, but is now burned into my memory forever. And not in a good way, like your wedding day or whatever. In a really, really bad soul-sucking horrific kind of way.

So, I have to ask.

Erin Moran.

What the damn hell?

You've said a million, billion times that you grew up in a really strict household. You were punished for trick-or-treating. Your family was weird. They were mean. They sucked.

So what do you do? You, at nearly FIFTY YEARS OLD, get on the "Celebrity Fit Club" bus, drunk off your skinny-ass and FAKE AN ORGASM.

And, bless her heart, she didn't even do a good job faking. I totally didn't buy into it, at all.

I swear. I think she's on some sort of illegal substances. I really hope they get her onto the next edition of "Celebrity Rehab".

Because that's what she needs. I bet even Scott Baio thinks so.


Jana said...

I totally know what you mean!!!! Celebrity Fit Club drives me CRAZY! They do the weigh in and they like weigh 125 pounds! I weighed that in like 2nd grade!

Angie said...

My left thigh weighs that much. Hmm. Maybe I can enroll IT in CFC?

The Huffs said...

You know what scares me the most about your post?

The fact that Joanie is NEARLY 50 YEARS OLD!!!!

What the damn hell???

LOL Thanks for the great laugh; I needed that today.

tiger lamb girl said...

Omg, I'm dying over Angie's comment.

And I'm sitting here wondering ....for real? This is what's on t.v. in the States now?

Sigh....and to think I've been so homesick. Good thing I'm not coming 'home' to watch t.v.!

Anonymous said...

My Lord. Joanie needs help. Or Chotchie?

Anonymous said...

My Lord. Joanie needs help. Or Chotchie?

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

I miss my satellite :( I use to love watching "Celebrity" Fit Club! It sounds like I am missing out on lots of fun.

Jocelyn said...

I'm now going to YouTube to type in the words "Erin Moran."


Kelly M said...

AHHA thats too funny! I actually watched a little of this last weekend..and noticed "screech" from saved by the bell was on there. I do not know it real name!

frannie said...

that is so weird!!!

marsha said...

she hasn't aged well either. I hate when celebraties act foolish and icky

Rachel said...

I haven't gotten as in to this season of CFC. I guess because some of them were on last season too.

But, I loves me some Rock of Love.

Lisa said...

OK WTF. She went on some Oprah/Jenny/Sally Jessy incarnation of a Happy Days reunion and freaked out about how it ruined her life to be on that show and they were all the devil etc etc etc now she's whoring herself out to VH1??? WTF!

kristi said...

Yep, I agree with Marsha...Joanie looks like hell.