Sunday, April 13, 2008

You want one, I give you two. I'm generous like that.

I am really thankful to have a husband who helps with the housework. Apparently, that is pretty unusual (if The Nest is any indication anyway). It's not unusual for me. My husband does laundry. He vacuums the floors. He cooks. He straightens up.

It's really nice.

So the other day I was at the market and I had a coupon for tampons. Girls need tampons. So even though I didn't need them THAT DAY, I went ahead and bought them. It turned out that the best value was the SUPER AMAZING MEGA-LARGE LOOK-AT-ME-I'M-BUYING-SANITARY-PROTECTION package.

Of which, I bought two.

I brought them home, set the bag down, and forgot about them.

Until today when I went into the bedroom to hang up some laundry? And I kind of thought to myself, "It's dark in here"? So I went and opened up the curtains in the bedroom to let a little light in and what did I see?

Yep. That's my tampons. On top of my scrapbooking supplies.

I didn't even ask him why. I didn't say, "Jason? Are you under the mistaken impression that I make tampon crafts?" I just left them there.

Because, frankly? He probably has a reason that made complete sense in his head. And I'm not sure I'm old enough to handle it.

And also?

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Kimberly said...

Neil only helps around the house when he's worried I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yep. That's what it takes.

He did some dishes this morning.

frannie said...

well, isn't he just a sweetie!

tiger lamb girl said...

Jason IS good. My husband? When he puts things away? He never ever ever puts them anywhere where I can find them.

He loses Christmas presents. And birthday gifts. Any gifts really. I learned a looong time ago never to ask that man to put ANYthing away. Ever. Far easier to do it myself so I can find things.

My mind still boggles when I try and ponder his reasoning for putting certain things in various weird places. LOL

Tara said...

oh you make me laugh. really. thanks. I would totally publish a book you wrote...if I were a publisher and didn't live in the middle of nowhere Canada.

Jenski said...

I guess that spot on top of your scrapbooking stuff looked perfect for a couple boxes of tampons! Now you know where to find them when you do need them.

Anonymous said...

He cleans, too? Chick you are so lucky. Mine just makes bigger messes than the baby.

I'm Mikey said...

Is it really weird that I have actually done tampon crafts? I made a nice little "daisy wheel" or tampon sunburst or whatever you want to call it. I didn't keep it, but it did hang on the wall for a while.
My only defense is that it was college and I'd been drinking.
I guess it's still weird.
Forget I said anything

Kelly M said...

Thats too funny. It's amazing where their mind is when they put stuff away...but the finnier part is it makes complete sense to them as to where they put it!

Nen said...


That's all I have to say about that!

Lara said...

Ha, you're a better woman than me. I would have pointed out to my hubby that he put them in the wrong place. Or casually asked where they were, as if I didn't already know, so I could point out that they weren't where I expected.

I really should take some tact lessons!

But I would love to hear his reason for putting them there. So if you ever find out, be sure to blog it! lol

I am Trish Marie said...

Oh holy! I really, really need to know the reason behind this. Although, already I have come up with several. All that make me laugh hysterically.

A's Mom said...

I can totally see how scrapbooking supplies and tampons go together. hehehe

my4kids said...

At least he put them somewhere, Kelly would have left them wherever he saw them and told me I needed to move them. But yeah in the scrapbooking supplies?

Jana said...

OH, that is HILARIOUS!!! I remember the first time I sent my son's father to get tampons for me and he told the clerk that he was going to use them to clean his guns!!

Sabrina said...

I scrapbook my tampons all the time. It's just what we do over here. I'm surprised to see that you too follow the practice. Good job Jason!

Rachel said...

LMAO! Chris does crap like that when he straightens up too. I find the weirdest stuff in the most random places.

Like yesterday. Deer meat? In a bag in the hallway.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you tend to scrap more when on your period...OR he WANTS you to go lock yourself in a room and scrap more when you are on your period. That would be more like my husband's logic and reasoning...but hey, at least you have a good supply (for crafts and...well, you know)!

EE said...

That would be an expensive little hobby!

SJ said...

I must check out The Nest and find me a Jason. Can I borrow him?

And you never know, you could probably make some great crafts with tampons!