Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weight Watchers computer? Bite me.

I don't talk about it a lot, but I'm following Weight Watchers.

I don't like to talk about it because, well, I don't want to be one of those people obsessed by my weight and losing it, mostly. I've spent the vast majority of my life obsessed with my own weight and it sucks. But also, because it's just sort of become part of my life now. Not a big deal. I can go to the market and look at a label and calculate the Points in my head, pretty much. I say things like "Points", capitalized like that. I hate myself for it, but I still say it. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and things with fiber and even on Mother's day I did not eat an entire vat of cheese dip at the Mexican restaurant, even though that dip is like crack and I totally could have.

I'm trying to change my life here.

It's not easy.

I weigh in on Tuesday mornings. Since I hate the vast majority of people I meet, I don't go to Weight Watchers meetings. Instead, I follow the online program and dutifully track my food choices and exercise in the online Points tracker. And on Tuesday mornings, I drag my scale out from under the bathroom sink and stand on it.

This morning? I was down 4.4lbs from last week. Despite the cheese from this weekend.

I thought that was cool, you know? Because last week, despite my best efforts, I was down like, less than 2 pounds. The week before? It was less than 1 pound. It all evens out, right?

Not according to the Weight Watchers computer. Bastard.

It gave me the big frowny face and said, "You are losing weight rapidly which is not safe nor healthy!" Or some crap.

The Weight Watchers computer has clearly not seen my ass. Because I am certainly not losing it rapidly enough. Nor has the Weight Watchers computer seen my thighs. Or my backfat, which is just as attractive as it sounds.

I know they program that crap in and it doesn't know me nor can it see me or anything, but for real? That's not motivating. It just makes me mad. I had a good week. Next week might suck. Who knows? Either way, I lost 4.4lbs. And I'm happy about it.

So hork off.


frannie said...

screw the computer!

you are awesome!!!

great job!!!

Dawn~a~Bon said...

Hork off indeed! Congrats on the weight loss, Ms. Hot Thang!

Tulip Girl said...

You are an inspiration..I need to lose a ton. Keep posting so we can all be insprired!

Heather said...

Congrats! And when I did it years ago, that's about how much I lost the first week, and they didn't give me a hard time about it in person!!

Snappy said...

HAHAHAHA!! I lost .6 of a lb. my second week. Not even a pound!! Then we moved and all my motivation went to hell in a handbasket. *sigh* I'd drop-kick that computer and tell the frowny face to bite my big unhealthy ass! LOL.. I don't do the online thing with it, but I do agree as far as meetings go. I'm just not that into them. All the cheeriness and "You are Special" just doesn't do it for me. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Doug said...

Congratulations on a good week indeed. :) Just keep that in mind for those weeks where you're not losing as quickly as you want.

It does all even out, and weight loss? It's one of those journeys you can't fail at unless you give up. You can be set back, you can make leaps forward, but you can't fail unless you stop trying.

(Well, that or stop breathing, but I'm thinkin that'd be a bigger concern in a other areas than losing weight)

Daphne said...

congrats on the good week! I know what's up with the computers, they want you to lose weight slower, so you stay a member longer!! it's a conspiracy, lol. =)

Julie said...

Clearly that computer must have been programmed by a man! : )

Kimberly said...

Whoohoo! So happy for you!

I've read about 3 dozen health/nutrition books and can say that it's totally safe to lose four pounds in a week. Those 2 pounds a weeks rules and such like are based on averages. And most of us? Not so average.

Hugely recommend the You: On a Diet book. It's not about dieting, but about understanding how our bodies process food, etc...was really neat learning why certain foods leave me hungry. It's a must own in my oh so not humble opinion.

Good luck! And I'm so here if you ever want to pick my brain, okay?

Rachel said...

Dumbass computer! Great job on the weight loss!!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Smack that computer.

When you start where I start...4.4 lbs is a big deal.

When you gain a billion pounds in 10 years like me..you clearly didn't gain 4.4 in a week..but you can bet MY back fat that I did gain that much in a month.

So I second you.

Hork off.

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Hork? OMG, I love that word.

Great job losing 4.4lbs! :)

kristi said...

Oh no it didn't!

Angie said...

Yep, that sounds like something they'd say. I'm sorry. I think it's wonderful. You keep going. I'm proud of you!!

AndreAnna said...

I think 4.4 lbs is awesome!

I lost 120 pounds on my own (the last 30 lbs I used WW) over the course of three years a few years ago. Then I gotpregnant, gained 80, lost it, got pregnant again, and so far I am up 40. I know I will lose it again, just as I know I will never let myself be who I was before.

Part of me loves WW because it teaches people portion control. The other part of me hates WW because it can make some high-strung people (read: me) a little nutso with the whole points thing.

Over my eight loss journey, I hired a nutritionist and a trainer, and really learned about food and exercise and my body. That knowledge took me farther than WW could, but I still think it is a wonderful thing.

I am very proud of you!

Pixlekansas said...

HORK off definitely... Enjoy your morphing sveltness and strut it babe!

Chelle said...

Hork off computer, indeed!!

Way to go, Chick!! Keep up the good work!

J said...

Screw the computer and yay for you Chickee.

Anonymous said...

ROFL. I can so relate to this. Knew I liked you too. ;-D

And, the frowny face is just JEALOUS of your success, that's all. Laugh at it, because it didn't lose ANYthing this week and it also has no friends and its mother dresses it funny.

Jeanne (The Great Corrupter)

Catwoman said...

On The Biggest Loser, they lose like 10 or 15 or 20 pounds in a week. I guess that would make the computer really, really mad.

I think the computer just sounds like it needs to get laid.

I say congrats to you! Maybe the cheese dip is the secret to losing weight???

Amanda said...

My cousin just joined the group meeting WW. She lost about 8 pounds (post-baby weight) in the first week. They made her get off the scale and back on to reweigh, then they gave her an in-person frowny face lecture in front of everyone.


Keetha said...

Um, I'm with you on the WW frowny face. Whatup with that?

Congrats on the 4.4 pounds. That is awesome.

B&K said...

Hork off?!? Hork off?!? OMG I LOVE that expression. I? May steal it. Mmm-kay? Thanks! LOL

And that WW online computer? Can hork off for sure. And that is one of the reasons going to meetings is helpful. Because they NEVER do frowny faces at the meetings. They clap and cheer and some shit for losing 4.4 lbs. And the women who only lost 1 lb. that week beat you up outside.

Just kidding.

Congrats to you!!!

KiKi said...

Everyone loses weight differently. I lost 7 lbs. my first week of WW and after that only lost 1 to 1.5 lbs a week. New diet plus exercise just simply shocked my body that first week.

You're doing awesome. Screw the pc.

Er, not literally though ;P

Nen said...

great job! i recently joined WW's and have only lost 2 lbs... but its all a success!! :)

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...


You go, Girl!

CPA Mom said...

4.4 is awesome. My week (also Tuesday weigh in) sucked (www.bwwi.blogspot.com). I'm back on track though.

P.S. I say Points with a capital P all too often myself after so many YEARS following WW.

P.P.S. Have you read Half-Assed? Or the Amazing Adventures of Diet GIrl? YOU NEED TO!

Emma in Canada said...

Crappers. What would that computer say to the people on biggest loser who dropped 100lbs in 12 weeks?

Wish I was on Biggest Loser. Though I totally know I would drop out. I think I might like food more than I hate being fat. Damn it.

Bethany said...

Don't listen to the computer (unless you are listening to us of course).

4.4 is great!!

Go you!

EE said...

"hork"...I'm totally stealing that word!

Tilly said...

My friend is doing the same thing - using WW online, and she has said that they really need to buy a fricking clue, every weigh in she's given negative comments 'you're losing too fast' 'you're not losing fast enough' yadda yadda.

She's been doing it about 8 weeks, and hasn't had a single positve comment, which is pretty bloody demoralising. Stoopid diets.