Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I wrote a book, got it published, and changed my world. Or something. Part two!


The perfect company? The one I was positive was going to read my book and love it and want it and give me a bunch of money for it and love me forever and validate my entire existance? Said thanks, but no thanks. Not for them.

I was shocked. Seriously.

I know how that sounds. But I was so sure. I looked at their website and they looked They looked like they would have the same sense of humor as I do. They looked quirky and fun and funny. They looked like they would appreciate an artfully placed "asshat" or "weepcakes".

But they didn't.

I shared the information with a few of my closest friends who all told me clearly they were idiots and someone would surely love my manuscript. Now, none of them had read it. But they loved me so they were sure someone else would love me too.

So I made a spreadsheet. The publisher or agent name, when I submitted, what the reaction was.

And I officially notated my very first no.

To be continued...


Kimberly said...

That was way, way too short. But hey, it's the weekend.

p.s. Where can I get the code for your amazon sidebar thingy?

MDA said...

Kimberly, I just emailed you the code.

That Chick, thanks for writing about this. I'll read your book after Angie's finished reading it. Heck, I like it so much, I added the ad to my blog. There's a way to pick up a reader or two.


Mikey said...

I got the code too and put it up on my blog. I read the preview, can't wait for the book to come out!

SJ said...

I can see the light on the horizon!!! :P I'm so glad you kept on truckin' and didn't give up!