Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I wrote a book, got it published, and changed my world. Or something. Part six!

It was Michelle.

To be honest, I don't remember everything that was said. I was sitting in my office, trying not to let everyone around me know what was going on, which was difficult to do considering I was, at that time, sitting at what amounted to no more than a credenza in the back of a vault that housed six people. What I got out of the conversation was as follows:

1) They wanted my book. They wanted to give me a contract. A nice, regular, royalty paying contract.
2) They were talking about me going to Book Expo America and doing a reading. Of my book.
3) They wanted to know if I had a sequel planned. For my book.
4) They liked me.
5) They liked my book.

And the main thing that I vividly remember was Michelle saying, "You are just a really good writer".

I was trying to be all cool, but I'm really pretty sure she could tell I was freaking the freak out. I was all like, "Oh, that sounds lovely" and inside I was all like,


I told them it would be okay to send me a contract.

I hung up, excused myself from my office, walked outside, called my husband and FREAKED THE HOLY FREAKING FREAK OUT.

I was SOBBING. Absolutely sobbing. He couldn't even understand what I was saying. He told me I needed to have a rest period. He told me to calm down. He told me, "You need to go outside!" and I shrieked, "I'M ALREADY OUTSIDE AND I'M SCARING BIRDS!"

I sat down on the ground, calmed down, and then went back inside.

My boss said, "Steph?"

And I lost it again. Just like that. I was shrieking things like, "BOOK! OPRAH! OH MY GOD! READING! GONNA HURL!"

Then I went in the bathroom and puked my guts out.

So I thought that was it. It was a done deal. Right?

That's what I thought.

To be continued...


Liz said...

Please for the love of God, finish the story....

Jadekitty said...

I agree you are a great writer, you paint very vivid pictures :

Tami said...

I'm loving reading this :)

Can't wait to hear the rest!

Lisa said...

SCARING BIRDS bahahaaaahaaaa

Stephanie said...

Hilarious...probably much of this is what I would do, too!

Karin's Korner said...

OMG you are killing me, I want to hear more!!

KrustyLynn said...

oh, COME ON!!! i need to hear the rest!!!

Suzy said...

I'm so glad you're doing this series.

Kimberly said...

You are killing me with the stretching out of this! Gah! Loving it though!

SJ said...

I've been so excited before that I've vomitted. And I thought I was the only one who did that....

Can't wait till the next part!

M said...

And this is reason number 8 million why I love you.

Even knowing your stories and how they became your life? Or the other way around, as it is, makes me wanna hear it again.

THAT is how we all know you're a kick ass writer and not "just another blogger".

Love you.

Bethany said...

You are KILLING me!!

You should try suspense next.

Tulip Girl said...

You are killing me!!!!