Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just so you know.

I probably won't get through all of these in one day. I'm mentally preparing myself for the KSO Bloggers Night tonight. This is the first time I've really actually made an effort to do anything with a group of local bloggers. Except for the Buddy Walk with Angie and Mark and there are just two of them so they totally aren't a group.

On with the show.

Betsey Booms asks:
What hair products do you use on your gorgeous mane of hair, lady?

Not that it matters, you could probably use dish soap and it would look beautiful.

Love her.

I love Ouidad and everything they are and ever will be, but it's kind of spendy and I've been kind of poor for about a year so basically I just use whatever I can find on sale at Kroger that's for dry/damaged/curly hair. I use a lot of Pantene for Women of Color.

And yes, I know I'm the whitest woman alive. But it's what works on my hair.

I have really dry hair so I don't shampoo every day. Don't tell anyone.

I use whatever shampoo is cheap. Suave usually because I can get it for about a dollar. Or whatever I have a coupon for.

Birth Sister Doula Services asks:
Why do some school busses have a strobe light on top of them?

I think it's so that those of us who are sleepy and bleary-eyed in the morning will be startled.

Mikey asks:
If Hollywood made a movie of your life, who would you like to see play the lead role of you?

Drew Barrymore. I love her. I just think that if I knew her she and I would be bff's. I don't know what leads me to believe this. Probably because she was Brian the dog's girlfriend on the Family Guy so she just seems like she'd be fun to hang with.

We have totally different lives and look nothing alike, but we're close in age and she's just kicky and fun.

I would also like to know, what is your personal motto?

"I like big butts. I cannot lie."

No, not really.

I don't know if I really have a personal motto. Here are some things I say quite frequently:
"Oh snap!"
"Being bitchy is only one of the many services I offer"
"La DASH UH" (You would just have to be there, trust me)
"Jason. For the love of God"
"For the love of Christ and all that is Holy would you please stop burping in my face!" (I only say that to Ginger)

Please choose one to be my motto.

Denise (who has a private blog) asks:
Would you ever take girl and boy child to a gay wedding? Why or why not? Also how would you explain it to them?

I've never been invited to a gay wedding but well, why not? It's not like they don't know what it means to be gay.

I would explain it to them the same way I explain all weddings: It's a fancy party that you have to symbolize a very simple act of love.

Dawn-a-Bon (who either has a personal blog or is talking smack about me behind my back) asks: Why don't you ever come flash me your cute undies anymore?

1) You went to work somewhere else.
2) I bought smaller pants.
3) I love you.

Tami asks:
Who was your favorite teacher and why? Did you have a teacher that encouraged you to write?

The teacher who sticks out in my mind the most Mrs. Crabtree who was my English teacher in high school. I believe when I was a Junior. She was kind and thought I was funny.

I've also loved just about every librarian ever. The middle school librarian wrote in my yearbook,

"Write, write, and write again. Someday I'll say I knew her when".

I think her name was Mrs. Blair. I can see her face clearly and remember I loved her.

BS asks:
How is the training coming along for the Breast Cancer walk AND when are you going to fix the link on Hooray for Boobies ?

The training is going great. I can (and do!) actually run now. It's pretty amazing. I can also walk for about 2 hours at a time without collapsing to my death, so that's pretty cool.

And I believe I've finally got the corrected link up. Let me know if it doesn't work.

More later! Keep 'em coming!


Rachel said...

Great taste or less filling?

Betsey Booms said...

I don't have a curl on my head so I'm in desperate, mad love with your hair.

Thought you should know.

Hope it doesn't make thinks awkward now.

Boriqua said...

Tonight will be my first time at the KSO Bloggers' Night event, too. I did meet a few other local bloggers a while back, so I don't feel as "blind" going in.

Should be fun regardless. :)

Anonymous said...

You actually had a Mrs. Crabtree? Wasn't that the name of the teacher on The Little Rascals that Spanky had a crush on?

Angie said...

We're looking forward to tonight, too. I'm going to try to squeeze in a workout and shower before driving into town. :)

Lily's Mommy said...

I have two questions. I'm kind of a pain in the butt like that.

1) What's your favorite comfort food?

2) In a post a while back, you mentioned how you feel judged sometimes because you had your children when you were young. You mentioned that you could nip a tantrum in the bud. Could you explain how you do that??? (details please)

SJ said...

Have fun tonight!

And I'm loving your answers.....who would have thought to use woman of color hair products on your hair when you are NOT a woman of color. AWESOME.

Dawn~a~Bon said...

Hee! I love you too! But I do miss you and your cute undies.

Oh, and I set my blog to private just to try to keep the whole pregnancy thing under wraps HA HA see how well that worked out? I shouldn't have bothered.

Pardon my bitter.

I feel honored that you answered my question!

Anonymous said...

la-dasha! love that! i've rolled that story around in my head waaaay too many times. it never gets old.

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