Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More crap. Yay.

Here are more answers to the questions asked here. Whee.

Krustylynn asks:
1. Did you realize when you started this blog that all these people would love you? Because we do...

No, I actually didn't think anyone would ever read this blog at all.

And what surprises me even more? Is how many people I love because of this blog. I've made so many friends and I feel so, so blessed.

2. If you had to have the body of one animal and the face of another, what would the two animals be?

Can it be two dogs? Because I love dogs.

3. Have you ever been called the wrong name and just let that person keep calling you the wrong name, mostly because it's too late (and possibly rude) to correct them? (I do that all the time.)

O! M! G! Yes! People call me Jennifer ALL THE TIME. Constantly! One person I've known for YEARS calls me Jennifer every single day.

It's kind of funny. I'm not correcting him.

CPA MOM asks:

How did Ginger come to join your family?

It was weird. I wanted to have a baby and I got a dog instead. Strange.

In March of 2006 we went to the local animal shelter with the intent of finding a little black puppy that I could love and care for and would, presumably, cure my broken and unable to get pregnant heart (and body. Or whatever, I'm confusing myself now).

So it was supposed to be a girl. Little. Black. I was going to name her Snowball because I'm all about the irony.

This, of course, is what we came home with:

Because really. How could you not?

Now, I don't ever remember a time when I didn't have Ginger.

She's the best. EVER.

What is your favorite movie ever?

The Wedding Singer. LOVE.

I know it's cheesy. But I love it. Could watch it every day.

When was your first kiss and with whom?

Is it bad to say I don't remember? I believe his name was Josh and a bottle which was spinning was involved. I don't remember anything else about it.

BellaDancerella (heh!) asks:

What do you think about Obama?

Well he just went into office yesterday, so time will tell. Generally, I approve. But I don't blog about politics. Nice try, though.

What is the biggest problem facing women today?

There are so many problems that women have to face. I don't know if I could choose just one. The one I work for and support is to find a cure for breast cancer. I'm the daughter of a survivor and I think it's hugely important.

How long is your hair?

Really freaking long. More than halfway down my back.

If you ever left Jason would you get married again?

I can't imagine a scenario in which a) I would leave Jason or b) I would get married again.

Marriage is hard y'all. And as you will see, in my book dating really wore my butt out. I just don't know if I could ever go through all that again.

What does Jason think about you writing a book?

I guess he's cool with it. He's been very supportive. I don't know if he was particularly thrilled to have a wife who writes about him and all his...quirks on the internet or in books, but he's become my biggest supporter and now drags me and my socially inept butt around introducing me to everyone and saying, "Do you know my wife? She wrote a book!"

What does Jason's family think about you writing a book?

Um. Did someone tell them? Because I didn't mention it.

Are you always the life of the party?

Oh hells no. I'm actually, as I just mentioned, quite socially inept. In big crowds I just sort of stand to the side and try to let others do their thing.

If you know me, I never shut up. But until you get to know me, I'm actually very introverted.

We're almost done with these, but you can ask if you feel like it. Maybe soon I'll have some actual decent content instead of this stuff and junk.


NGS said...

That picture of Ginger as a puppy. Is too cute. Can not write. A complete sentence. Too busy squealing. Over cuteness. Need puppy. NOW!!

SJ said...

Your Ginger looks sort of like the Ginger I had growing up. CUTENESS.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, I don't know: the stuff and junk is pretty damn fun.

Anonymous said...

Something just occurred to me when I was reading the question about being called the wrong name, I am always called Stephanie even though my name is Stacy. Maybe this is because you and I are birthday twins! lol! Hey it was a thought. I didn't say it was a good thought, none the less a thought.