Thursday, January 01, 2009

Things that I do which are ridiculous.

1) I talk to myself. A lot.

And not only do I talk to myself? I have elaborate conversations in which I answer the questions that Oprah will someday ask me about my book.

No really. I do.

2) I yell at myself. A lot.

Most especially when I am in the gym. If I get tired or feel like I can't make it another ten minutes or thirty minutes or whatever? I call myself a fat-ass and berate myself internally.

3) I worry continually about things I can't change.

Sometimes the weather, sometimes the past, always useless.

4) I talk to my dog like she's a real person.

But she thinks she is, so it's okay.

If she answers me? I'm going to crap my pants.

5) I put myself in impossible situations which force me to change.

I'm fat and out of shape.
I signed myself up for a 39 mile walk.

I know, right?


AndreAnna said...

You may be fat and out of shape, but you're LOSING and GETTING IN SHAPE. Every day, and more often than those people who are "thin and in good shape"

One day, you'll kick all their asses. And I'll pay for tickets.

And if I lived anywhere near you, my fat ass would walk 39 miles right next to yours. :)

I am Trish Marie said...

My knees hurt just thinking about 39 miles.

Anonymous said...

I do the same things, except I am too lazy to sign up for a 39 mile anything. However, I know you can do it!


Darci said...

I love the elaborate conversations. I do this with my mother... said...

I'm with you totally on the first four. I don't know if I could walk 39 miles if I had killer bees chasing me. But, congrats on the book's debut and I know you will rock the walk.

Teena in Toronto said...

I talk to my dog too :)

Belle said...

Dude, you can so do the 39 mile walk. I did a 60 mile one a few years ago and did not prepare for it at all and made it to tell the tale. You can do it! You're the bomb!

Bethany said...

You can do it!!!

Happy New Year!

Amy W said...

I talk to myself alot too...

And you can so do the walk!!

Ron said...

I do all of the same things.

I totally have full on conversations with my dog, and I think he appreciates it. it at least keeps him informed of all the goings on.

Angie said...

Yeah, after trapsing through downtown Gatlinburg the other day, I realized how out-of-shape I really am.

2009 is gonna be some year. You're getting a book published and walking 39 miles.

Me? I'm just gonna try harder.

. . .oh, and I'm still in charge of that Buddy Walk thing. Think you can work us into your schedule again??


Victoria Dehlbom said...

I talk to myself all the fact I'm one of the most entertaining conversationalists I know. Aren't you? Plus I talk to my dogs, er...little brown people, all the time as well. What I like the best is that they always agree with me and tell me I'm the best person they know. Ya' gotta love dogs.

CPA Mom said...

You and me - twins.

except the 39 mile walk. that's just crazy lady!

Tehehehe. LOVE YOU!


Lisa said...

Don't worry, I do every single one of those things, too.

And I have cats I talk to, so I guess that is how I know I am not you in some alternate reality where I write a fabulous blog, get a book deal and have amazing hair.

PaintedPromise said...

i learned a long time ago to talk to myself, and answer myself, because no one else would listen - my first husband paid more attention to the TV than to me... my life is a lot different now but old habits die hard lol

and i SO talk to my dogs. and my cats. and my horses, donkeys and mule... i even talk to the goldfish in the pond - yup. and i too would crap my pants if they answered me!

as for walking 39 miles - YOU GO GIRL! see ya when ya get back... i don't think i could even ride my horse for that many miles!!!

Debby said...

A 39 mile walk? Honey, you ain't going to be fat and out of shape for long...