Thursday, February 05, 2009

What goes on at my house.

Stephanie: Hey Jason? Guess what? I'm going to be on the radio on the 13th. With Frank!

Jason: That's great. Who's Frank?

Stephanie: You remember!

Jason: No, not really.

Stephanie: YES YOU DO! Remember the Blogger's Night at the KSO? Remember? He saw us downstairs and he recognized me? And we had this entire conversation before? Remember?

Jason: Oh yeah! That's great babe.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Several moments later.

Jason: Hey babe? Perhaps you could NOT act as though you are socially inept this time?

Stephanie, sighing: I'll try.

I really will try y'all.


Anonymous said...

You'll be great!

Betsey Booms said...

Yeah, I could never pull off that "not socially inept" thing.

I know you can though.

Keetha said...

How fun! You'll charm them to pieces and have readers running to the bookstore.

Kimberly said...

Acting would be required, because you are fabulous dahling. Mwah!

zentmrs said...

Your book showed up at my door last night!! Looking forward to reading it this weekend!

SJ said...