Friday, February 06, 2009

Other things that go on in my house.

Stephanie: Girl Child? GIRLLLLLLL CHILLLLLLLLD? Where are you?

Girl Child, sticking her head out of the closet: Here I am!

Stephanie, startled: What are you doing?

Girl Child: Reading!

Stephanie: In your closet?

Girl Child: Yes!

Stephanie: Girl Child. There is no light in your closet. It's not a walk-in closet. There is not even room for you to sit down in there. Why on earth would you read in your closet?

Girl Child, gleefully: I have no idea!

Stephanie: Well. Okay then.

Jason, from the hall: Jesus Christ Stephanie, were you as weird as that when you were a kid?

Stephanie, reflecting: Maybe.


I am Trish Marie said...

Yesterday, I found my NEIGHBOR's kid sitting in one of our closets. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "Just thinking." Oh well. Okay.

Angie said...

And if you were, and she is. . . .she'll be a wonderful adult! :)

Rachel said...

Bwaaaahahahahaha, can I come live in your house??

Bethany said...

Just give her a flashlight.

stangman67fb said...

Mrs. Snowe,
My wife (aunt Tracie) and I have purchased 3 copies of your book from Barnes and Noble, one to keep and two to gift. By the way, Amazon showed only one copy remaining in stock at that time. go girl!

I will bring a pen to the next family get together for my "personal signing" o.k.?

Give B.C. and G.C. ("boy child" & "girl child") a hug from me and, well Jason may not want a man hug, so give him a firm handshake instead. haha
love ya and be blessed,
Uncle stangman

Supes said...

May I answer Jason's question? Umm...yes, yes she was.

Samantha Alice said...

Sitting in a closet with a book (and a flashlight) totally rocks. I used to perch on top of the clothes' rod. Gawd, I can't believe my butt was ever small enough to do that!!!

SJ said...

My friend's daughter hangs out in her closet all the time, that must mean it's cool right?