Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pour myself a cup of ambition.

I really love my job these days.

I'm in the best group ever. Six women. And seriously? I'm RUINED for working anywhere else.

Daily topics of conversation include:
My co-worker's bra (it has skulls on it)
Our underwear
Our weight
Nutty Bars
Sex again
The really cute deer outside our window
Bras AND underwear
A bag of dicks
Some of the stupid people we work with
More sex
Some use of the word "anal"

We're a fun crowd. Really.

And we LOVE each other. It's RIDICULOUS how much we love each other. If one of is off for a few days? We all hug when they get back. Some days? We just hug. JUST BECAUSE. Every day we compliment one another. "I love your hair!" "I love those pants!" "You look so good today!" Okay, every now and then when one of our co-workers says, "My stomach is so huge" we all say, "GAH! Co-worker! You skinny bitch!" because she totally weighs like 90 pounds and her entire body is the size of my right thigh. But we say it with LOVE.

I know it sounds like it would be a big old estrogen-fest, but I promise it's totally not. We all get along. We all genuinely like one another. None of them have stabbed me when I insert my own name into song lyrics and sing them loudly in the office (lately? It's been Michael Jackson tunes. Dirty Steph-ANNA! NAH! and Steffus Jean is NOT MY LOVAH!). I want to stab MYSELF sometimes, I'm so annoying. And they love me! Or they are good pretenders. But I think they actually love me AND my stupid and lame songs.

And the best part? We all work really well together. We each have our own tasks and we all work together to get everything done. When our boss is in crisis mode, we all step up and say, "What do you need?" If someone is struggling we say, "What can we do to help you get this done?" or "Let me do this for you".

It's amazing. I'm really, really blessed.

But we need more help.

So my boss interviewed someone today. And she asked us to write out some interview questions for the person.

She wasn't crazy about mine.

I believe she said, "STEPHANIE! I cannot ask someone 'Are you offended when people talk about a bag of dicks?' or 'Do you mind working with individiuals who are CRIMINALLY INSANE, NO REALLY I'M NOT KIDDING'."


Because, you know, the girl had a great resume. I have no doubt that she'll be able to do the actual WORK.

But can she get along with us? Can she hang with a group of six rowdy women?

That's what is scary. And I'm sure it's scary for her too. Because it's always hard to walk into a group that's already established. Even if they don't talk about any part of anyone's anatomy ALL DAY LONG.


M said...

next time? tell me. i'm applying. i wanna discuss backs of dicks and skinny bitches with tummies and not hate them for thinking they have them!

you're such a lucky girl and DAMN have you earned it after so much work DRAMA in years past.

hooray for anal talk! weeee


M said...

although boo and hiss for dirty diana in my head now. just boo hiss.

Chelle said...

sounds like a great group of women - hard to find a group that gets along so well together without being all backstabby. I hope the new girl fits in!

Little Red Hen said...

You and your songs kick @ss, and you know it! Oh, and your hair? Looked awesome today...can I smell your hair?? And thanks for getting "Stephy Jean" back in my head again! I am sure Doug will want to thank you later too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I want a bra with skulls on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I totally work in the same kind of office. Sometimes we can only hear the most interesting words from the front room, but it's so worth it to get up and walk in there to find out the rest of the conversation - which I might add is nothing like what we expected to hear!!!!!
We are truely blessed :)

Sally said...

I work with three men. And one of them is my husband.


Kimberly said...

I'm just so stinkin' happy you have a good work situation now after all the crap you used to put up with. Whoohoo!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to work at a place like that! I have a solid resume, do you need an event planner? Travel agent? School policy writer? I've done it all!

And I love phrases like "bag of dicks".

SJ said...

Oh my! Sounds like I'd fit right in - what a fun group of woman to work with!

IntelligentTOoL said...

well...I want a bag of dicks.

Where do you find those?

Stephanie @ Figments said...

Sounds like a blast - hard to find a place where you love to work everyday. Can I apply??

PaintingChef said...

I miss working with other women. I'm the lone female in a 40 person company. And? I work with my father AND husband.

I've earned cake, right?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I'd love to work there. Having that kind of chemistry makes the day go by so much faster.

In my company it is me and my boss (male) and we lease out part of our suite to a firm with 3 tech geeks (with no sense of humor what so ever). Only saving grace is that my sis works in the same building and we get to have lunch together most days.

Hope the new girl fits in nicely!

Beyond Alice said...

OMG - we talk about a bag of dicks at my work too!!!!
But your job sounds SO much cooler. I want to get hired!

Captain Steve said...

Dude, it's the same on this end. They want us to have a supervisor. A supervisor! From elsewhere! I don't know if he/she'd survive.