Monday, August 31, 2009

Since I'm already a sell-out, how about some shamefree begging?

Y'all. I need help. Again.

I'm walking in the Avon Walk for breast cancer in a little less than two months. And I? Am WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY behind my goal.

I know money is tight as crap for everyone these days (myself included) and my feelings would SO NOT BE HURT if you can't give money, but if you can give money? Please give some money.

You can get all the deets about the walk here.

My personal story is that my mom had breast cancer when I was a senior in high school. Which was, it goes without saying, a horrendously major bummer and pretty much changed my life in a heck of a lot of ways.

She's good now, thank you for asking.

I had a big scare early this year. I'm only six years younger than my mom was when she was diagnosed and my risk? Is big and huge and scary and almost completely out of my control. And there are a whole lot of women in my situation and a WHOLE lot of women in much WORSE situations.


Help, if you can. Please.

And if you can't help financially, please pray for my fat ass as I haul it about for 39 miles.

And I thank you for your support.

Donate here.


PS: My user name is: Stephanie Walks39. Catchy, no?


mythoughtsonthat said...

I will pray for your NOT-VERY-FAT ass as you haul it for 39 miles.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for your NOT-VERY-FAT ass as you haul it 39 miles.


Priscilla said...

Thank you.

Because of people like you, who walk, and those that support I am able to be a breast cancer survivor.

Anonymous said...

What a great cause. Lots of prayers going out, I know you can do it!!!

My mom is a I think it is 6 yrs breast cancer survivor!

PaintedPromise said...

my grandma had breast cancer... oen of my best friends from high school is now metatistic from it... and fellow blogger Debby (Life's Funny Like That) just got some bad news too...

i would love to donate to this cause... if hubby gets a job i will log on! right now we can't even pay our own bills though... however you WILL be in my prayers as your getting-less-fat-every-day ass walks 39 miles!