Sunday, December 10, 2006

Betrayed by T.V. once again.

One of my favorite television programs is NBC's The Biggest Loser. Originally I didn't want to watch it because I really dislike programs that make fun of fat people and it seemed like this might be a program that would do that, what with calling them losers and all. But I watched it once and was totally hooked once I discovered that it was a very positive, uplifting show. Hurray fat people! You can get skinny if you work really hard and eat lots of fat free Jello! Woo!

On Wednesday they had the "special" two-hour Biggest Loser. The first part was dedicated to young people. Last season's winner Matt, who is now a motivational speaker, along with Bob the Trainer went to a high school to help some kids there. The other trainer, the girl one, I can never remember her name. Kim? Let's call her Kim. She went to her hometown high school. They each had five kids and they were going to help them. Because the average school lunch is like, 1000 calories or some crap.

Hurray, right?

Well, NO. Because they asked the girls, "Why do you want to lose weight?" and they were all like, "I want to get a boyfriend! I don't have a boyfriend now and it might be because I'm heavy."

Okay, so I kept waiting for Kim to be all like, "Well listen here sissy! If a boy doesn't like YOU for YOU then you don't need his sorry butt anyway!"

But did she do that? Oh, of course not! Little Miss Six pack was all, "Yay! Let's do some cardio!"

Good God!

I mean, I love that we all want to get out the message to exercise. Yay, exercise! Exercise= goodness.

HOWEVER, why in the crap are we allowing the stereotype to be perpetuated that YOU HAVE TO BE THIN AND SKINNY TO GET A BOYFRIEND. Moreover, why are we implying that ANY BOY WHO DOESN'T LOVE YOU IF YOU ARE "CHUNKY" (and I'm sorry, when did size 10 become chunky?) IS WORTH HAVING? Because, THEY ARE NOT.

I would like to tattoo this message on my daughter's forehead.

I know high school is a hard time. But for God's sake, I wish these girls would understand that there are so many good and decent men out there that don't expect women to look a certain way. And the ones that do? Who needs them? Seriously!

My sweet little sister was telling me recently about one of her friends who has a jerk-off for a husband. The girl had gained some weight and the husband was really being a huge idiot to her about it. I said, "Before I met Jason, I had no shortage of men who wanted to date me! And I'm no one's idea of a dreamgirl!" (To which she replied, "You're my dreamgirl!" Because, you know, she's the funniest person alive. As I've mentioned) I just wish all these women could understand that.

I guess you have to be happy with yourself first. Or nothing else works. I don't know. I wish I could figure it out.


That Chick Over There said...

I know.

I wish I could figure it out.

Really, I have a horrible body image. But I want everyone else to have a good one!

My daughter, age 8, looks in the mirror and says, "I am so beautiful!" and she is! I blame/thank Girl Scouts.

Bethany said...

I try very haard not to be negative about my body in front of my girls. I don't want them to have the same problems I have. I want them to be confident women.