Saturday, December 23, 2006

Stuff and Junk and other Stuff and Junk

Did I mention I'm writing a novel?

I'm up to 9000 words already.

I told Jason last night, "Guess what? I'm writing a novel!"
He raised one eyebrow at me.
So I said, "You know. I told you I was going to look for my next big thing? Well, this is it. Plus, it will keep me occupied so I won't think about graduate school."
His eyes brightened. "That's great babe! I'm sure it will be great!"

Clearly. He's my biggest fan ever.

Did I mention I simply adore him?

He's done Christmas shopping (which, I might add, I TOTALLY CALLED IT. I said December 22nd and he called me yesterday and said, "Guess what? I'm closing the office at 3pm! But I won't be home for a while." And I had to cover my eyes when he came in from the car.). Shockingly, he managed to wait until all gifts were wrapped before giving me one last night. Okay, technically the gift he gave me wasn't wrapped. It was an odd shape so he placed a cardbox box over top of it and placed it in front of the Christmas tree. The unwrapping was more of me just dramatically lifting a box rather than actually opening anything.

My gift was awesome though. A huge basket of Sweet pea products: body splash and shower gel and whatnot. The basket is really pretty too.

Jason said, "You can put two clean towels in that and it will be a great bread basket!"
I said, "Thank you, Mr. Metrosexual."

Additionally, he left the price tag on the front of the present. He said, "I did it on purpose so you would be proud of my good shopping! What a bargain!"

This morning he was getting ready for work and he said, "You know, I think we should adopt one of those unfortunate children from South Africa. Like you see on television? Through the Christian Children's fund?"

God help me, I howled in laughter.

He said, "Chick, these unfortunate children are nothing to laugh at."

I said, "DON'T CALL THEM UNFORTUNATE THEN! My ass is unfortunate! These children are poor! Just say they are less fortunate."

"That's what I said!" he insisted. "Unfortunate!"

Really, my ass is unfortunate.

A few months ago I fell down the front stairs off my big old porch. I have a beautiful front porch. The way the sun hits it is kind of funny though, and when it rains the steps don't dry immediately. We have to scrub them or they get a green slimy kind of substance on them. It's no big deal, but we don't always remember to go out there and clean them immediately.

Anyway, I fell down the steps and landed on our concrete slab and well, bruised my butt so badly I could barely walk for a few days. My entire bottom was purple. It was...okay, it was amazing. It was one of the gnarliest things I've ever done, but wow. It was amazing! I propped my butt up on the bathroom sink and took a photograph of it in the mirror (no crack was showing. Gah, I'm not THAT low class. Sheesh!) and sent it to a bunch of my friends so they marvel at the wonder of my entirely purple butt cheek.

Now, several months later, the bruise has gone away, but I have a HUGE DENT IN MY BUTT CHEEK. No, I'm not kidding. It's seriously concave. It's bizarre.

I'm thinking about falling down the stairs and trying to land on my stomach. That would rock.

Did I mention I adore Jason?

I just paused my writing to get a Diet Pepsi from the fridge and as I walked by the Christmas tree I paused and looked at the gifts he wrapped for me yesterday.

They say:
To: The one that I love!
From: The one that you love!

Seriously? He rocks.


I have a brand new, just opened copy of Disney's "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas". The boy child has requested popcorn and the girl child just asked that we all sit together on the couch while we watch it.

My little family is comprised of the best people ever.


M said...

Sometimes I wish I were a member of your family!

Emma in Canada said...

He sounds quite lovely. Oh, and I don't hate you for having your wrapping done by October 1. I think you're crazy, but hate's a strong word. My problem is that everytime I see a sale in December I think "oh whoever would love that." Sales are my downfall.

Anonymous said...

Your family sure is. Jason is perishingly adorable.

Also? The novel idea is a freaking awesome idea, methinks. Just remember, as Orson Scott Card says, a writer has to be able to work while simultaneously believing that a) her work is rubbish and will need re-working and editing, and b) that her work is the most awesome piece of literature to ever emerge from a PC.

Merry Christmas!