Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where'd that cat go?

I spent some time today with my niece Katie, who is one of my favorite people alive.

Katie is four, she'll be five next month. She calls me Aunt Unicorn. The way she pronounces it is, "Aunt Uni-my-corn."

"Everyone at my house is sick except me," she told me confidentially.
"Is that right?" I asked her.
"Yes. But don't worry because my mom is only sick because she had a baby in her belly. And I'm going to help her with the baby. The only thing I won't like is to help her change the dirty diapers."

I said, "Um. Are you telling me your mom is having a baby?"

She looked alarmed and then said, "I'm not saying anything else!"

The proverbial cat, however, is about six miles out of that bag.

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