Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I totally stole this from Mum to four, who claims she is not funny but really is. Also, I totally told her I was going to steal it, so I hope she doesn’t cut me.
The point of this is to find the significance each number has in your life. At first glance I thought it might be difficult, but it wasn’t so bad. Probably due to the copious amounts of children people surrounding me seem to have. But I digress.

1- The number of puppies I have.
2- The number of children I have.
3- The number of siblings I have.
4- The number of people who live in my home.
5- The number of nephews I have.
6- The age my children were when we moved here.
7- The number of years I have known my husband.
8- The age my two children are today.
9- The day my very first nephew ever was born.
10- The total number of nieces and nephews I have, as of today.
11- The age I was when I went to my first school dance (6th grade).
12- The day I married Jason.
13- The number of first cousins I have on my dad’s side of the family.
14- The number of first cousins I have on my mom’s side of the family.
15- The day I was born.
16- The age I was when I found out my mom had cancer.
17- The age I was when I graduated high school.
18- The number of procedures I need to assign other people to read. Today.
19- The number of procedures I need to read. Today.
20- The age I was when I got married to my ex-asshat. I mean, ex-husband. Slip of the tongue, I’m sure.


Emma in Canada said...

Haha! That was great. I found it quite easy also, once I got going.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Now you're going to make me think...

I bet I can't do it to 20.

Anonymous said...

Makin' me think now :) I borrowed this from you for my own blog....but, gave you the props for it!! Love the blog...you make me laugh!

velocibadgergirl said...

That looks hard, man...I'll have to try it, though.