Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If you aren't pregnant, we don't care about you.

Okay boys. Once again, I will be discussing my girl parts. If you don’t want to hear it stop reading now.

So I called my doctor at 8:30am, hoping they would go ahead and see me today instead of making me wait until next Thursday. Because it’s day twenty-three of Aunt Flo and even though I’m a really tough chick and all? This is kind of scaring and bothering me A LOT.

At around 11:30am I tell my coworker that they are never going to call me back. That gynecological offices only care about pregnant women and us infertile bitches just get the sloppy seconds.

(Incidentally? My coworker TOTALLY deserves combat pay for having to hear about my girlie problems. Good Lord.)

The nurse (FINALLY) calls me back at around 1:30pm. (I ask her to hold so I can go to another room. I say to my office mate, “I’m certain you don’t want to hear about my vagina.” Also, when I came back in the room he said in a Mr. Rogers-esque voice, “So! How’s the vagina?” He is the wind beneath my wings. But anyway.) She is just on the edge of condescending when she tells me that she has spoken to the doctor and the doctor feels that I’ve probably had a miscarriage and there is nothing they can at this point anyway, except let the tissue pass. So my appointment is moved up two whole days. Because that’s going to make a huge difference, I’m sure.

I have several issues with this. The biggest I guess being: That’s not the way to tell someone they might have had a miscarriage. Especially if that someone has been wanting a baby for like, three years and hasn’t been able to have one.

In 2000 I had a miscarriage. I had no idea I was pregnant but I went to the doctor after a couple of weeks of having “my period”. Somehow, and I don’t recall how…they did a blood test maybe…they found out I was pregnant, but I was in the middle of having a miscarriage.

So they sent me to get an ultrasound. Again, I don’t know why. I’m not a normal girl; I don’t know why they do certain things. The ultrasound tech, which was a guy by the way, and I guess I thought that was weird because of the looking at vaginas and whatnot, said, really friendly, “When are you due?”

I mean, what the hell? Can’t you put a big sticker on someone’s chart that says: "THIS PERSON JUST HAD A FREAKING MISCARRIAGE. DON’T ASK HER WHEN SHE’S DUE."?

Really, I should get to be in charge of that too. I would make a lot of women’s lives a lot nicer.

But anyway.

I’ll find out Tuesday I guess.


Brown Eyed Girl said...


BTW your co-worker....I do love him.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Steph. I'm so sorry. I hope you can get some answers, and soon...

M said...

Find a new ob because that shit? Is bullshit. And complain about that fucking nurse. Obviously no one is even aware of your current cycle issues (long periods are not unheard of in your land, plus infertility issues so insensitive makes me twitch)

I love your coworker. Times 92.8

Anonymous said...

I'd find an new dr, too. When I had long cycles like that, I was diagnosed with SEVERE endo. Which explained why I'd been unable to get pregnant. After surgery and 6 months of Lupron injections, I was pregnant less than 2 months later.

I feel your anger toward a dr's office. My dr's office treated me SO well when I was pregnant. Now, I call with a concern/issue and they make me feel like I'm pond scum.

And, not to be left out: I love the co-worker, too!!

M said...

Might I mention a decent dr, if suspecting you are miscarrying, would at least send you for a blood test to tell you for certain instead of just fucking around with you because 23 days of bleeding from a miscarriage is nothing to fuck around with either.

Sorry this is making me really mad because just the idea that you COULD be miscarrying breaks my heart. Then the idea that your dr's office doesn't give a shit to know enough about your reproductive health or you as a human...boo hiss. Move to WA. Dorie loved me even when I wasn't pregnant. I bet she'd be wonderful to you. xoxo

velocibadgergirl said...

Oh, babe...this blows on so many levels. ((HUGS)) to you.

Bethany said...

Mother fuckers! Sorry, shit like this makes me MAD! I fired my ob-gyn after my last miscarriage because she said "Oh with your thyroid problem you should have told me you were trying, we could have prevented this." WTF!?! You knew I was trying- you gave me prenatals- after my other miscarriage and wished me luck!!

Sorry- I just so know what you're talking about.
Also- I never bled for 23 days with a mis and my last one was around 11 weeks. Get a new doctor.

Longest, most irritating comment ever- sorry again.

my4kids said...

I'm sorry about all this and that is a horrible way to tell someone they had a miscarriage!

BTW thanks for comming by my blog and commenting. I read up on yours and you are seriously funny to read. I really need to work on my funny....

I will be back to read.

CPA Mom said...

Get a new doctor. Get a new doctor. Get a new doctor.

Serious, my advice? Get a new doctor.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I will pray that it's just a LONG period.