Friday, January 12, 2007

Here's your sign.

So, I've mentioned the parkway is closed, right?

Today, I notice as I'm driving home that there is a big sign on the Highway sign that would normally lead to this exit that says:


Are they asking me to suggest an alternate route?
Or are they say saying, "Hey, we suggest you take an alternate route"?

Because it's not so much "We suggest you take an alternate route." as it is, "You will die a horrible, tragic death if you take this exit."

And I don't mean like when P. Diddy says, "Vote or die!" and then you don't vote and you get like, a mild case of heartburn. I mean like, you will really, honest and for true DIE because there is no bridge there anymore and you'll plunge to your death.

I wish I worked for the Department of Transportation.


Tonya said...

That is too funny... Some signs are so obviously stupid and make no sense you really want to know who was the brain behind them!! lol

Alpha Dude said...

If you worked for the DOT, the signs would be much more entertaining and possibly make a lot more sense.

You go, girl.

Em said...

Do you really wish you worked for the DOT?? I didn't think anyone really wanted those jobs!

velocibadgergirl said...

You should SO write the signs for them. You could draw little blacked-out silhouettes of cars plummeting from precipices instead of the normal boring ones like "sharp curve" or whatever.

Unknown said...

I wish you worked for the DOT, too...hehehe. I have a feeling that YOUR traffic signs would give me a good chuckle on my way to work every morning.

That Chick Over There said...

I really would like to work there.

But only if I could be the whole entire art and signage department by myself. Forever.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ha ha ha ha, that's funny. What are they saying?