Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shocking confession!

Okay, so Jason came home last night with a card for me.

It's pink.

It says: To my wife, the beautiful one I laugh with, look to, live

And then he wrote: Love, Love has kept us together!

You know, like that Captain and Tennille song, "Love will keep us together"?

Because, that, um, was the Processional at our wedding.

I'm totally not kidding.

Anyway. The card? So freaking sweet.

I actually kind of liked it. And maybe, just maybe I thought Valentine's day wasn't so bad.

But don't tell anyone, okay?


Steffi said...

Thank you very much for stopping in my blog!Hope to see you soon again!


Brown Eyed Girl said...

That is too cute!

I adore when Jason is like this...cuz Captain and Tennille rock YOUR house don't they? I know they do.

I'm glad he got you a card and that you liked it.

Unknown said...

Your secret is safe with me :)

Anonymous said...

I promise not to tell long as you don't mention the fact that I actually like that song.

Gerbil said...

Just the idea makes me wish I'd been there to see that. I love a wedding that has FUN more than anything.

Anonymous said...

Underneath all of that gruffness you know you are a romantic. It blasts like a sun from you. Even if you won't admit outloud.

M said...

I think the reason it was so grand? Because it wasn't forced Hallmark holiday love you b.s.

It was oh, it's a forced Hallmark holiday AND I love my wife...wth let me remind her since there's an overload of ways to do so. No obligation. No must do. He just did because. It just happened to be on a holiday.

Then he fills it in with that kinda goodness.

Oh yeah. He's a keeper and a half.

M said...

okay....a keeper EXCEPT now I can't stop singing love will keep us together. and while I love me some captain and's too early for this business!!!

i just tried singing it to Liam and he didn't even laugh. he just looked at me dead faced. he's not impressed.

Alpha Dude said...

Well done, Sir Jason!
Don't worry, Chick. Your secret is safe.

Me: "Anything special you'd like to do for Valentine's Day?"

Wife: "Oh Honey, with you, every day is Valentine's Day."

(She's right. I hide cards all over the house and bring her flowers quite often)

I got her a card and some chocolates anyway.

Wife: (walking by with a half eaten piece of chocolate) "Honey, I don't think you should eat any of the carmel filled ones."

Me: (getting concerned) "Why? What's wrong with them?"

Wife: "Nothing. I just like them the best!"

Message received.

Glad you two had a great Valentine's Day!