Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things which are upsetting.

1) I paid bills last night. Yes, I know that is required by law and all that, but it always makes me really, really twitchy. Especially when I say to my husband, “Do you have any more receipts for me?” so I can balance the checkbook? And he hands me a stack the size of my ample butt. NOT COOL.

2) I cried this morning about that fire. I don’t know why, it just scared the poop out of me. It was just…shocking. Shocking and frightening and horrifying and right in my freaking face.

3) I also cried because I saw a dead deer on the side of the road.

4) I then cried because someone gave me an enormous project this afternoon and I want someone (else) to review it before I turn it in. The person I need to review it is not here and will not be back until March. I’ve tried getting her on the phone and emailed her, to no avail. I told the girl who asked for it that it wouldn’t be ready today and she was cool with it, but still. My to-do list is as long as my hair and comparatively speaking? That’s pretty darn long. I didn’t need this additional stress added on me for absolutely no reason. It’s a long story, but basically she doesn’t really NEED this and probably won’t for several months and I have to bust my bottom getting it to her. And that irritates me.

5) I think I might possibly have PMS what with all the crying and so on, but I have absolutely no way of knowing since my period is completely jacked up.

6) I have to turn in my Girl Scout cookie order tonight and since I’m new at these things, I don’t know what to order. I mean, yes, I understand I have to order the boxes that people selected from our order forms (which was, at last count, SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE BOXES! People! I have four girls! And they sold that freaking much! Rock!). But I also have to order cookies for booth sales. I mean, how do I know I’ll have a successful booth? What if I don’t GET the coveted Wal-Mart booth slot? I could end up at the Big Lots and have a crap-ton of left over cookies, which *I* will have to pay for and which *I* don’t want/need to eat. I’m trying to be conservative in my estimates here, but there is absolutely no guidance and I’m supposed to, you know, be an ADULT and all and able to figure this crap out.

7) I just never feel like I have any guidance at all. Like I’m totally winging everything which makes me feel like a huge idiot. I really hate feeling like a huge idiot all the time!

8) I’m dreading driving home. I want to go home. I enjoy home and I enjoy being at home, but the 40 minute drive among the insane just really doesn’t appeal to me right now. Particularly since I was almost killed not one, not two, but THREE times yesterday. I was just trying to drive home. Three different cars at three different times gleefully rolled right into my lane without even noticing I was there. Clearly, my fat ass as well as my 3000 pound car are just completely invisible.

9) I’m feeling very old and stupid and tired. I’m not old at all, but compared to the majority of the people I just graduated with back in December? My social security number should be like, 1. I mean, seriously. Don’t a lot of people graduate college and jet off to Europe to find themselves or something? I’ve found myself and would like a complete refund, please.

10) I’m tired, bummed out and far more stressed than I should be. It’s only Wednesday and I’m ready for this week to be over.

11) I have a huge pimple right underneath my lower lip. I’m freaking 31 years old and I need the Proactive that P-Diddy and Jessica Simpson pimp on television. Sweet Lord.

12) Someone just handed me more work that I don’t understand. I nodded politely and pretended I get it, but I don’t. I guess I’ll be taking it home to figure it out.

13) My washer and dryer broke. We have the stack unit, so it’s both washer and dryer? Yeah. Broke. The washer stopped spinning and then the dryer stopped heating. It’s only about 2 ½ years old. So I had to buy a new one. It was not cheap, which also makes me twitchy. They are bringing it on Friday, which will be a nice excuse for me to hopefully leave work early. Granted they will be calling me tomorrow with the four hour window in which they will arrive and I have no idea if that window will be within the 8am to noon range or the 1pm to 5pm range, but I’m desperately hoping for the later.

14) I looked at someone else’s wedding pictures today and it made me mad that my wedding was so freaking sucky. I know, I know. Water under the bridge. I have a lovely marriage and all that crap. Still. It would have been nice to be the Queen for a day. Just one day.

15) I’ve been exercising a lot and losing weight (I think. I did order a scale, so soon I’ll know for sure!) and my belly is ITCHY all the time! It’s really getting embarrassing.


Emma in Canada said...

Quite the week you're having. We are supposed to order, I believe, 4 boxes per girl and leader. So the fact that your girls sold that many is astounding. Of course, up here we only have two in winter and sandwich in spring. It disappoints the expat Americans.

Unknown said...

A tip from a veteran GS cookie seller: For a booth, I would order mostly thin mints, samoas, and peanut butter patties (the chocolate ones). Those have always been the top 3 sellers. Also, I sold the leftover boxes (which was a rare occurence, so...) at work so we didn't have to eat them. Hungry co-workers seemed grateful to have cookies.
I hope your week gets better...soon!

M said...

Oh hell almighty! I haven't ordered cookies yet from you people! You super seller type people too! Good gravy! EEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!

I have forgotten everything else due to the damn cookies. Sorry. I = craptabular friend. *sigh*

Little Miss said...

1. The crying thing? Been doing that for about 2 weeks now. Choking up over everything from commercials to the sad American Idol rejects.
2.I always feel as though I am winging it. I do have some common sense, but that's about it.
3.Our washer and dryer went out within 2 months of each other. The dryer? The day before Christmas.
4. My face is breaking out worse than ever before. The other night hubby told me he would buy me some proactive. Sweet, huh?
5. Wedding? What wedding? We got married in a judge's office on a Thursday.

Hope this makes you feel better.
I love coming here, always something I can relate to!

Sorry, no help on the cookie thing.

Angela Z said...

I found myself and would like a complete refund??? That is one great line! The crying and pimple thing? That's PMS. We've all been there before. A word of advice? I NEVER pay my bills, look at my banking online nor balance my paycheck when I know Aunt Flo is coming. It's complete despair!!!!!!

I wish I could give you advise on the cookie issue, but I have boys.....thankfully, almost grown. Miss the younger days, but not the fundraisers (Catholic School).

Angela Z said...

Was supposed to be balance check book not paycheck. I own my own business. What's a paycheck?

PinkCat said...

Oh my you sound just like me. I loved this post.

That Chick Over There said...

BAHAHA! The problem with not doing such things when Aunt Flo is coming is that Aunt Flo is here ALL THE DAMN TIME. I haven't had a day off from that bitch since December 24th!

Anonymous said...

this is frannie... in case I can't sign in or some crap.

because--stupid, stupid blogger--- they got me again... I just now was able to get this. I got suscpicous when there weren't any new posts. why is it keeping me from your wonderful blog updates???

everytime I find a way around them, they find a way to stop me from seeing your blog.

I'm sorry you are having such a bum week! for what it is worth, I think that you are a lovely person and you can be my queen for a day... I'll bow and everything!!!

Gerbil said...

@#$%!!! Cookies. If you have leftover cookies, **I** willeat them. Heck with restrictions, I am ready to bite something, it might as well be cookies.

And... I am 40. F-O-R-T-Y. And guess what I have two of right now?Wait. Three. Yes indeed, because another one showed up this morning to party. I gave up.

As far as I am concerned, you are the Queen of Everything, every day.

Happy Working Mom said...

I hope your Thursday is better than your Wednesday :)

I'm with you on the commute...mine is 30 minutes and I hate it!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Sorry your week has been so hellish!! I really hope you get to leave work early on Friday and maybe get to relax a little.

i bought, like, 6 boxes of cookies. Don't know why, but I did.