Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine's Day. Bah Humbug.

This morning before I left for work I saw commercials for:
1) A local grocery store that sells candy, cards, and roses for less! (Less than who, they didn’t say. But for less!)
2) A company that will send your wife or girlfriend or whomever you want to see in lingerie, a “Pajama-gram”
3) The Vermont Teddy Bear company which apparently renders women in an office wearing too much eye make-up unable to say anything other than AWWWWWWWW.

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

It’s not for religious reasons or anything, it’s just, well, my husband’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day and I always have to think of a gift for that and I just don’t have the energy or fortitude to think of something else. Plus, I am possibly the least romantic person alive, with the exception of, you know, my husband.

Last year my husband worked in an office full of women. He was the only man in his entire department, nay, on his entire floor. On Valentine’s Day a lot of the women got cards and flowers and candy and teddy bears. They all cooed and, per Jason, “talked all freaking day about it!” One of them asked him, “What are you getting your wife for Valentine’s Day?”

He replied, “Nothing. We don’t really celebrate it.”

The group of women cackled and then talked for approximately ½ hour about how *I* really DID want something for Valentine’s Day and he was screwing up big-time by not getting me anything and maybe I SAID I didn’t care, but really I was going to be mad later.

Yeah. These women who had never met me, never spoken to me, and have no idea who I am or what I’m about decided that I would be mad at my husband.

The other day I heard my husband on the phone saying, “Well, my daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies, if you’d like to buy some.”

His daughter.

Biologically, she’s not his daughter. But he treats her like his daughter.

That’s better than candy. Or flowers. Or a teddy bear wearing a leather jacket.


Real Life in South Carolina said...

Sadly, many women do get upset when their significant other doesn't follow through and buy them flowers or something on Valentines day, even if they say they don't want to celebrate.

I'm with you though. I told my husband that I didn't want to celebrate V-Day. This year he surprised me and told me that he wants to. Wow. I've grown to despise it. And I HATE those commercials. The pajama-gram?!? Are you kidding me? I looked at hubby and said, "Do NOT buy those. Ever."

I guess I feel this way though because I'm a bit spoiled. It means more to me when hubby gets me the flowers because he wants to, not because someone tells him he has to on a certain date or else he's in trouble!

And you are right. The way your husband treats your daughter is better than candy or flowers or anything else money can buy. Way Better.

Happy Working Mom said...

I love it! You are so right about hearing those words being better than any Valentine's Day present!

M said...

Golly and to think Jason didn't listen to those women who obviously know MUCH BETTER THAN YOU? *sigh* What a loser.

I *heart* you guys for being you. And knowing it. And doing it.

I'm a sucker for cards. So we do cards. If we remember. I'd murder my husband if he spent money on anything for this dumb holiday. Though I do admit to getting a nice underpriced post Valentine's day box of chocolates on clearance every year! Over-hyped forced holidays are good for something! Besides, Josh knows clearance is the real way to my heart. $10 on shitty chocolate? No way. $5 on it the day after? *swoons*

Bethany said...

Our pastor gave us a challenget o make VDay special. At first I was all ooh how cool. Now? I remebered who we are. We don't do VDay. We're both kinda looking at each other like wtf? Do we HAVE to do this? Uh, no we don't.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Aww, that is the best gift you can get. I always thought of my stepdaughter and my daughter. I didn't give birth to her, but I loved her just the same, still do, even though I'm separated from her daddy.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

That should be "as" my daughter, not "and". Lol, and it's only Tuesday. Crap.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I heart Jason when he does things like this.

I'm with you about Valentine's Day..but for different reasons and that's my own blog for another time.

I missed you and your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said. There is something to be said for security felt that all the flowers and chocolate can never bring. Those biddy's at your husband's work probably never had such a secure relationship as the two of you have.....you go girl, I am with you all the way!

Amy W said...

I'm weird, I don't like flowers. They just die sitting on my desk. I with you on Valentines day. And I realized last night I am going to have to help my daughter with her 17 valentines to give her classmates. What fun for me.

Unknown said...

We don't really celebrate either. Of course, I DO happen to love candy, so hubby usually waits until the day after, when its all on mega-sale, and then I get lots and lots of it! Short on romance, but hey...it works for me. Hehe. And I totally agree that your husband referring to your child as HIS is way better than anything that comes from the store. In terms of the mastercard commercials: Thats priceless!

SJINCO said...

I'm with you sista! We don't celebrate Valentines Day either, I think it's over-rated big time!!!

And how precious that you overhead him say that about your daughter. What a sweet guy you have! True love, true love :)

Elle*Bee said...

Way back when we were first dating, the Valentines flowers, candy (always Godiva), etc. were nice, but once we married and 'his' money became 'our' money, I put the kibosh on most of that. We might still buy a card if the mood strikes us, and we'll usually go out to dinner, but we generally don't make a fuss.

Anonymous said...

We are not overly romantic but I do like flowers. Pajama-grams are expensive I can't imagine ordering 3rd party.

Susan in va said...

My birthday is on the 10th - my husband ALWAYS gets off the hook with Valentine's Day. Birthday trumps stupid overly exploited holiday.

Can you tell that I'm bitter for being overshadowed?

Julie said...

What a sweet ending to your post. My husband knows not to send flowers at Valentine's Day - they are so overpriced I'd kill him! A little bunch from the grocery store is fine with me.

Whitney said...

I found your site through "What's A Quirk" and your post cracked me up. I'm the same way with the whole romance thing. Some people I know get all giddy when their husband does something nice and I'm just like, "Meh." They think I'm weird. I think they're weird. It all balances out.

Anonymous said...

I listen to WNOX all the time and they have those advertisements for the damn teddy bears - and, I'm paraphrasing, but they basically say, "Men! Don't screw up this Valentine's Day or she'll be really pissed and hate you! Get her this fluffy bear and she'll turn into a big oozy puddle of estrogen at your feet! And be sure to sent it to her at the office to make all the other women jealous because that's what women live for - to one-up each other! So call now and buy a stupid overpriced teddy bear so you can get laid and so she can make all her coworkers mad at their boyfriends!"


Lizarita said...

I love it when Justin says "our girls." (even though only ONE of them is his) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think a teddy bear wearing a leather jacket would make me warm and sweaty.

and rudeness said...

And you said you two werent too romantic.

That is a really sweet thing of him to say.

I am not a fam of Valentine's Day either... just last night I told my husband, "We arent getting anything for each other right?"

He was like "Hell no. But we could use Valentine's Day as an excuse to get a babysitter and makeout in the car."

Fine by me. LOL.