Sunday, March 04, 2007

The good, the bad, and the AWW YEAH!

Jason's car is totaled. I know, right? I can't believe it either. I keep telling myself all that matters is that he was unhurt, but the thought of having to buy a new car makes me want to curl up into a little ball and tuck myself into the corner.

Also bad:
Must convince husband he does not really need a $30,000 vehicle. This will be much more difficult than it sounds.

Additionally bad:
My lame-ass cookie booth did not yield very good results. It was freaking windy, our signs kept blowing away, our balloons totally blew away, I had to yell at the children to not run in the street, and we only sold about 20 of our 95 extra boxes. Plus a real snotty leader showed up at the exact moment my dear friend was in the bathroom with the two little girls. So it looked like my son and I were running the whole booth. SO SHE GOT ON HER CELL PHONE AND "REPORTED" ME. I was reported to the FREAKING GIRL SCOUT'S. For the Love of God.

Forgive my language, but what a complete bitch.

The whole thing, overall? Sucky.

I got on the scale this morning. Okay, who am I kidding? I get on the scale every single freaking day. Which, yes, I know that's bad. But my weigh-in is officially tomorrow. That's what Weight Watchers tells me, so that's what I do.

The number pleased me verily.
Not as much as if it were, say, 120 pounds. But still. It pleased me.

Also good:
I got my new stove. Did I mention my stove blew up? It was a bad month for me, appliance-wise. Anyway. LOVE the new stove. Shiny, clean, nothing baked onto the bottom. Love it. LOVE IT.

I got my first paycheck (I only get paid once a month) since I got my rather large (for me) raise. It is amazing what a difference it made in my check. I danced a small jig in the living room when my pay-stub showed up yesterday.

No. Really I did.


Em said...

Okay, you got some bad stuff there...the car...and the bitchy girl scout leader. But you got the Jason, good number on the scale, new stove, a raise and a paycheck. And it all added up to dancing a jig! Excellent!

frannie said...

I would be happy to buy some extra cookies from you! (I've already purchased a small fortune of cookies, so it's not like I wouldn't love to have them or anything!)

I can not believe that you got reported to the girl scouts... what happens now? do you get fired or something?

that sucks about the car. but it's great about Jason being ok... and I guess where we know all that extra money is going!

Alpha Dude said...

A new stove?


When's dinner?

Gerbil said...

Cookies... I have not seen hide nor hair of a single freaking girl scout around here. (crying face) I will be happy to take some Thin Mints off your hands in the event of overstock.

Wendy said...

That sucks about the car but thank goodness Jason is okay! Just keep telling yourself that while you are out car shopping:)

I used to be a GS leader and couldn't stand how obnoxious some of the other leaders were in the larger towns! We once had a cookie booth like that! It was soooo cold and windy! Luckily we still managed to sell all our boxes because it was the first day of fishing season and we got all the men passing by who wanted the goods with out the wives knowing:)

my4kids said...

I haven't seen any GS selling cookies around here either like Gerbil. I totally would buy them. I love thin mints! Also why couldn't she wait till the girls came out of the bathroom? Does she have it out for you. Like your little troop is taking from her business or something? That is just crazy!
The car thing I totally understand. My husband is like that always thinks he needs to spend to much. Car shopping makes me crazy. I send him out shopping since he likes it then he calls and asks what I think. If its worth it and I am okay then he has to come get me to sign papers. Just don't like the stress and car dealers trying to talk down to me to show me the "pretties". Of course I usually confuse them when I ask mechanical type questions. After all I am married to a mechanic and have picked up way to much car info in the past 13 years!

Anonymous said...

REPORTED to the GIRL SCOUTS??!! What the hell??!!

Buying a new car? Hmmm, maybe the $$ from the insurance company combined with an auto loan will make the $30,000 vehicle more possible.

New stove??!! Fantastic. I'm not a kitchen appliance user, but I love getting me some new appliances :)

Spectacular paycheck? You go, that jig!!

PinkCat said...

I had to buy cookies from two different troops. I don't even have girls!! I do like the snickerdoodles though. I hate bitchy woman that think they own the world. You should report her for being such a bitch.

I am glad that there are more positive that negatives at the mo. You go Girl..!

I am eating starburts to get through the aftermath.

Take care

Patiently waiting said...

Mmmmm, I love Girl Scout cookies would have bought some if I had been there :-) That sucks about the car, but maybe he won't persist on a very expensive one. Yay to go ont the raise!

Angela Z said...

Glad Hubby is not injured. Get a Toyota!!!!! Swear by the Toyota's. With insurance money and loan, a Camary is a great investment. They do hold their value and with the price of gas, they're great.

Sorry to hear about all of the purchases you have made in the last few months. Typical. When it rains, it pours. Enjoy the new stove. That will be my next purchase.

Take care and have a great week. To hell with nazi girl scout leaders. Power trippers.

Jocelyn said...

Now imagine this scenario: you're at the cookie booth, alone, and you're EATING all the Thin Mints, and then the Weight Watchters police show up and bust you? Now *that* would be suckage.

Congrats on working your way to happier numbers on the scale. I never ate less than the days of WW weigh-ins...

Shanilie said...

Well there is quite a mix of good and bad. Congrats on your scale # that pleased you. I was in WW for a while but now I am on my own. I liked it but now i'm too broke!

I would be doing a jig to when pay day came! Now that is something to smile about :) And a new exciting. I love new things for my kitchen!

Real Life in South Carolina said...

Wow. You were reported to the Girl Scouts. What a sweet woman!

So what did your scale say you weigh now? Just kidding!

More money is always good...except when your husband wants a $30,000 car! I guess I shouldn't complain about my husband wanting a $250 Wii Nintendo?

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm so new here but I am loving this blog of yours...well, specifically the quirky writing style that makes up the blog. It's kind of weird to tell someone you love their blog, isn't it? I mean, credit where credit is due and all that.

Anonymous said...

Okay - clearly you are the awesome. I found you through the Party & I now have a great big girly-crush on you & how you bring the funny. I'm adding you to my Bloglines now so I can keep confusing my husband as I burst out laughing at inappropriate times as we're on our laptops together. You rock.
And I'm glad your husband is unhurt. I can't imagine that kind of fear.

Anonymous said...

I hate that girl scout woman! It makes me happy that you called me "dear friend" though! heehee

Congrats on the scale and the paycheck! Both awesome things!