Sunday, March 11, 2007

I dreamed about pizza. And other exciting news.

You know you've been dieting for far, far to many days when you dream about pizza.

Seriously? It was like the best dream ever though. Much better than the ones where my teeth fall out.

It was from Pizza Hut. Sausage and Pepperoni...thin crust.

I ate two pieces.

When I woke up? I was so proud of myself for only eating two pieces.

I can't decide if I'm awesome or a huge tool, for being proud of my behavior in a dream.

Anyway, that was early Saturday morning. I had to get up and have another cookie booth, so I got dressed and promptly got lipstick on the only possible shirt that I could wear that I felt like my mom wouldn't be critical of me in.

Did I mention my parents came to town? Yeah. I don't know what's up with that either. They called Friday night and were like, "Guess what?" So they got up Saturday morning at 4:30 in the morning to come to visit.

(Incidentally? I hate when they do that. Not that I don't want to see them...I only see them a few times a year and my dad has cancer and I really treasure both of them. I don't understand either of them. At all. But still. I treasure them. And when they suddenly decide to come over? It makes me think something is horribly, horribly wrong. Because they both have this really bad habit of not telling me something is horribly, horribly wrong until like, the eleventh hour. It's like I get a phone call that says, "Well, dad's about to go into surgery..." and I had no idea he was even sick. Stuff like that. My parents, for some odd reason, think that if they don't SAY things out loud, then magically they are just not true! But I digress.)

So anyway, I load my three boxes of cookies that no one wants into my car and find a shirt that looks reasonable and all and go off to my cookie booth.

Have you ever had a cookie booth with nine year old girls? No? If you'd like to experience it, just stab yourself in the face repeatedly. Both of those activities are about an equal amount of fun.

Also? I still have about a dozen boxes of "All Abouts". Because everyone hates them.
Also? I dropped my beloved cell phone. On the ground. On the concrete.
Then? It rolled under the car. Because everything is on a hill here because we live in the "mountains".
After that? I had to crawl on the ground to get the phone.
And? A Lays potato chip guy was standing there laughing at me.

The rest of the day was pretty good. We went to the birthday party and my mom acted really nice. We all went to a Mexican place for dinner and I had a really delicious burrito that had grilled chicken, salsa, and black beans in it. And beans on the side. (Sorry Jason).

Today I'm going grocery shopping. Because my life is just that exciting.

How is everyone else's weekend going?
Also? Anyone want to buy some "All Abouts"? I hear they are really good.

Okay, I'm totally lying. Don't buy them.


M said...

WOO! An enjoyable outing with your parents? *faints*

WTH are all abouts?

I think I'm set for the next century on girl scout cookies. Your dream self would NOT be proud ot hear how many we've down already!

Additionally...when envisioning your phone fiasco all I could think of was "on top of spaghettiiiiiiii all covered with cheese! I lost my poor meatball! when somebody sneeeeeezed!" except I changed it to cell phone and your phone went on considerably more trips than just off the table, onto the floor, and out the front door.

and now you know. xoxo

M said...

YES I got the cookies. Which is why you would be horrified to hear 3/4 of one box and 1/4 of another are gone since YESTERDAY afternoon! (Thankfully I'll blame the pig husband but, uh, I helped. A lot.)

I was going to write you a thank you then realized I only have your work address since you killed aol (hello. gmail anyone???) and assumed you wouldn't check work mail on a Sunday so figured I'd email you tomorrow my oozing goozing thank you.

For the cookies and the spectacular childfolk giftage. Which so rocks. I cannot tell you how much I love Lily's outfit. I'm a fiend for the green! *swoons*

xoxo, comment leaving whore.

That Chick Over There said...


I check my email all weekend long too. :)

Anonymous said...

All abouts? All about what? All about the leftover ingredients from the other cookies? Not sure what to do with it so, we threw them in a bowl, mixed them and baked at 500 for 4 minutes? Never heard of them. Now I will have to hunt down a GS cookie booth and buy a stupid box just to see what they are...all about (get it? All about? HA-freakin-HA!!)

Your weekend sounds good. I'll trade you? Even the potoato chip dude laughing at me would be more fun than packing with a 14 month old who loves to "help" and has picked NOW to pitch a fit over every possible thing AND to not sleep from midnight to 4:30 this morning. Please? Trade? I'll even leave my car keys and my debit card and a detailed map of how to get to Target!!

Anonymous said...

By the way...I totally want Pizza Hut now and I can NOT eat Pizza Hut. Which means I will end up eating it and will end up writhing on the floor in gastrointestinal pain and be cursing your dream.

But, I still think you rock.

Portrait of Peter said...

Your creative blogs are always a joy to read - with the humour - one can almost feel an observer!!

How can one compete with your weekend!!!

I will just have to enjoy my pipe & slippers - and look out at the mist blocking out the hills - here in Scotland.

Do keep up the good work - always entertaining!!

frannie said...

I love all abouts... I will be happy to take them off your hands! seriously. email me at franniemagnolia at comcast dot net if you want to get rid of them

Em said...

I got a very good laugh at the fact that you felt proud for only eating two pieces in a dream! you have been dieting too long! LOL

Anonymous said...

Too funny, the lays guy standing there laughing at you. What a putz, if he had been a manly man, he would have retrieved the cell phone for you.

Why don't parents share things with their grown kids? Do they think we are too busy to be bothered? Then when there is a real crisis, then is when the "cat gets let out of the bag", so to speak, and we are suppose to be able to respond properly, immediately. Who can figure them out? Not me.

my4kids said...

Congrats on only 2 pieces in the dream. I would have eaten the whole thing in my dream and with my sleep walking would have found myself in the kitchen when I woke up, not good... since we have no pizza.
I still have not found a GS cookie booth around here and I know they are selling because I keep seeing people at work who have bought them. I really want some thin mints! Those are the only ones I like though, so sorry no All Abouts. I would buy the thin mints anywhere if I could just get them!
My parents are like that also but we see them more. They just don't tell us anything until it is happening, bugs the crap out of me.
And the lays guy? What a jerk. I agree he should have gotten it for you.

That Chick Over There said...

Everyone wants the Thin Mints! People would come up to the "booth" (which was us standing there with 2 pieces of posterboard and three cardboard boxes of cookies...because we are just that high class) and say, "Well if you don't have any Thin Mints just forget it!" And I'd say, "Thanks anyway!" and the girls would be all like, "GAH! Everyone wants THIN MINTS!"

So I guess they are really popular. Eh? :)

Shanilie said...

WOW, I know it was just a dream but i'm proud of you! 2 slices is pretty good. I would usually like to eat the whole pizza! lol

My weekend has been pretty quiet...kind of feeling a little glum.

I know what you mean about realitives unexpectedly dropping by. I don't know why but when it happens to me, they usually come when my house is the messiest. Why don't they drop by unexpectedly while I'm cleaning or right after lol.

I think if I worked at a cookeie booth I would be eating all the cookies. Have a good weekend :)

Patiently waiting said...

You must have one strong will because If I was selling GS cookies I couldn't help but sample a few, lol. I haven't heard about All Abouts either, but my favorite kind is the Caramel Delights. Mmmm, I would love to have some of those right now :-) That Lay's man was a jerk! Hope your weekend gets better.

Emma in Canada said...

You still haven't said what all abouts are. We only sell 2 kinds of girl guide cookies here. Mint in November and sandwich in April.

And why do Americans say scouts when everyone else says Guides? Must you be so difficult?

That Chick Over There said...

The All abouts are a shortbread cookie with fudge on the back. They have sayings that are all about Girl Scouting. Or Guiding. Or whatever the crap you want to call it.

Alpha Dude said...

Chick! You are awesome! That is like my totally favorite kind of pizza!

I dig those All Abouts, too!

my4kids said...

I like the peanut butter ones also, just like the thin mints best. I am a mint freak though especially if it has chocolate with it. My favorite Coffee at Starbucks? Peppermint Mocha. See I am all about the mint.

Denise said...

Hey Chick you are number 5 but I was kidding about not reading you. i said that because you had a post about support the little bloggers. hugs.

Angela Z said...

What, seriously, what are all abouts? Give me details, please. And the Lay guy? Rememeber the word lay........ There was this girl I worked with when I sold wine. Her baby/daddy was the frito lay guy...we just nicked name her the free to lay girl. Enough said. Hope the phone is working? Take care. Angie

Ps......I willl buy anything that has dark chocolate AND mint. The best combos God has given me. Oh, I forgot cinnamon(?). Anyway, I will take the mint/chocolate thing. No milk chocolate.........lactose intollerant. Let me know, please. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Parents are a weird bunch, aren't they?

My husband always wonders about my parents but I have long stopped wondering about them. They will not change anymore so why bother getting all worked up about it?

Real Life in South Carolina said...

We should boycott all Lays products! Buy Pringles instead! Of course, I'm saying this because the creep laughed at you not because my huband sells Pringles. Although he totally would have helped you get your cell phone. He's just a good kind of guy working for a good company. Not that I'm biased or anything!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Ok, I totally love the All Abouts and yesterday, my husband ate the last box!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...


I think you're awesome to have only eaten two pieces of dream pizza. You rock!

julie said...

My parents, for some odd reason, think that if they don't SAY things out loud, then magically they are just not true!

This describes my grandmother perfectly. I found out my grandpa had cancer on the day she asked me to go with her to take him to the hospital. I had been living there for weeks.

Oh, and I am partial to Tagalongs and Samoas. They rock.

SJINCO said...

I wonder if the parent thing is a generation thing? Um, you know, not telling anyone about horrible things because it might be too upsetting, or too worrisome? Um,hello? I'd like to know, thank you very much. My parents do this stuff too...and I don't get it.

And only 2 pieces of pizza? You rock. I would have eaten the whole thing.