Saturday, March 17, 2007

Things I really do say- Part 2

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with someone who is considerably smarter than I am about most everything, but particularly about the issue I was discussing with her (which was effluents. Believe me, it's less exciting than you think). At some point in the conversation (the beginning) I got very confused. So I said:

"I don't mean to be a Stupidy McStupidpants, but could you please explain to me what you mean by that calculation?"


Then she said, "Pardon me?"

I said, "Oh, sorry. I just said I didn't mean to be a Stupidy McStupidpants, but I just didn't understand what you meant by the calculation you just gave me?"


Then, hysterical laughter. Actually I thought she was choking.

"STUPIDY MCSTUPIDPANTS!" she gasped. "Oh that's rich!"

I'm totally running for President. I can admit when I don't know stuff and people still like me and want to be my friend.


Anonymous said...

Love it--love it so much I may "borrow" it.... :)

Patiently waiting said...

Ha, that's funny. Here's another one for you: My brother had a friend in high school who made up this name for someone who is particularly dirty or acting "nasty" Filthy McNasty :-)

dennis said...

lordy! we will be nominating that for local politicians from here on out!!

alissa said...

I just had to look up effluents on Wikipedia. I guess that means you're smarter than me.

frannie said...

I would totally vote for you! You should make stickers.

and why stop at president- go for Queen of the Universe!

Real Life in South Carolina said...

Glad the poor gal wasn't choking on something! :)

SJINCO said...

Hahaha, what you said was funny. But did she answer your question!?

And the Jones Soda thing - they are manufactured in Seattle Washington. And if you shop at Target, check the beverage aisle. That's where I buy them here in Colorado.

Jocelyn said...

You wouldn't dare run against Fred Thompson, that Hotty McHotpants.

Denise said...

HAHAH i have my own vocabulary. Not to mention I say things like get jiggy with it, party like a rockstar,bomb diggity to name a few.

my4kids said...

Thats funny!
We have a lot of those kind of phrases in our family to.....Maybe I will share later.

Shanilie said...

lol. I'de vote for you! Too funny. I think I may start using that term for myself from time to time....well probably pretty often. I usually smile and nod and pretend I know what's going on lol

Alpha Dude said...

I would so totally vote for you.

If for no other reason then I am sure you would make the road signs make better sense and you'd make it much more difficult for the stupid people to get a driver's license.

And the guy that ran Jason off the road would go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Chick in '08!

I'm so there!

Even though I can't vote, since I'm Canadian and all.

But I'm sure I can figure out a way to skirt the system if you're running. Or you could make your first law to be that Canadians should be allowed to vote in any election you run in.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm just lovin' the "you-ness" of you, y'know? Seriously, has a politician ever had the guts to run for office as a "real person", with real quirks and faults and even bits of freakishness?

It's so original it just might work. =P