Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thinking about thinking.

Nailgirl from over at Camerons Corner very sweetly honored me with a Thinking Blogger Award. Since she likes that I talk about being fat and stuff. Which is cool, because I can't imagine I'll stop that any time soon.

Isn't that sweet though? It made me happy although my skies have been quite gray lately.

The rules of a Thinking Blogger award indicate that if you get tagged, you write a post linking to five other blogs that make you think, that you link to this post here so that people can easily find the origin, and, if you wanna, to display the award on your site. Oh yeah, and you are supposed to nominate people who have never been nominated.

So, yeah.

Really, a lot of the blogs I read make me think about a lot of different things. Some of them are good things, and some of them are actually, yeah, quite bad. Sometimes I think, "I wish I was that person" and sometimes I think, "I'm really freaking glad I'm not that person!".

I've really had a lot of stress over this, believe it or not. Because what defines what's going to make me think? You know? Sometimes people make me laugh, but don't necessarily make me think. Sometimes people complain a lot (myself included!!!) but don't really bring anything else to the table. Sometimes people bring me back to places that I once was and don't want to go back too.

All of them make me think.

So, after much contemplation, here are my five:

1) Alpha Dude at The World Observed by Me. I have no idea how this Dude found my website, but I'm very glad he did. Probably he was searching for the word God, because he loves God and Jesus and stuff. But anyway, I'm very glad he did find me because I love to read his website. He's lived a really amazing life and he and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways. The good ways, not the freaky psycho ways that I tend to bring to the party.

2) Ellie at The Cedar Chest. Ellie is an amazing woman with amazing stories. She has overcome a ton in her life and manages to maintain a positive, cheery outlook. She's a great mom and loves her family fiercely. She's one of those people I hope I grow up to be someday.

3) Amira at Memoirs of a Single Mom. Amira's story is both beautiful and painful. Beautiful because she is a good writer and able to write very honestly about how she feels. Painful because I have been where she is and reading what she writes forces me to remember how difficult it all was. She's a great lady, really, and she's going to be okay. I know it in my soul.

4) Amy at A Family Story. I heart Amy for many reasons: she's a twin (with a twin brother even!), she lives in small town North Carolina (and doesn't get mad at me for freely admitting I don't understand why) and most of all, she is not afraid to say, "Hey, what would you guys do in this situation?" if she's having a problem with whatever. Because a lot of bloggers try to act like their kids are just these perfect little people and never have any kind of issues and yeah, I totally don't believe that at all. She's totally okay with not being a perfect mom, and I am totally loving her for that. Also, Amy posts thought-provoking issues, is a Weight Watchers success story, and she's a total band geek. She totally rocks.

5) Britmum at All Things English. I love the way she writes. I'm sure if I talked to her, I would love the way she talks. She is really, really, really just a sweet person and there are just not enough sweet people on this planet.

So that's it. If you've been nominated, please pay it forward.

And thanks for making me think.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chick, Gosh! What to say? The thing is, I was nominated for this award on Friday by another blogger too. I have been "stressed" out thinking about who to nominate and what to say. So, now the pressure is really on. I will let you know when I do mine. Out of all the blogs you could have chosen, I am honored that you would have thought of me as one of your nominees.



Alpha Dude said...

Wow! Thanks (I think).

First, I'd like to thank all the little people...oh, wait, I am the little people (darn).
I'd also like to thank my puppy, Parker, for without her, I would have clean carpets and be able to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Thank you for thinking of me.
You Rock, Chick.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Looking forward to checking out those blogs. =)

PinkCat said...

Wow thanks so much. I am totally blown away and well you have made my day. I want to say that I am gobsmacked so you will have to figure that one out. lol

I am going to do this but not tonight because we have been out all day and I kind of got sunburnt.

Once again thanks and well I love to read you blog because you are honest, witty, bloody funny and ever so nice.

Take care xx

Shanilie said...

Congrats on the thinking blogger award. I am still learning all the things out there that exist int the blogging world. What a great idea. There are a lot of blog out there that make you think. I may have to try this some time just for fun. Hope you are having a great weekend.

"I'm really freaking glad I'm not that person!." lol that made me laugh....I feel the same way sometimes :)

Amy W said...

Holy Crap, thanks!!

I will work on mine today!

I HEART you too :).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award - I love a blog that makes me think - and I believe that you deserve many more kudos for, well, just being you.

P.S. - I am also a twin, a Gemini and have a twin brother, even!

CPA Mom said...

I agree about Amy W. The others I've not read so I'll have to check them out. But I love-cubed Amy W. So glad she's been recognized for her AWESOMENESS.

Michele_3 said...

Hi there!
Came here via Amy!
I read her(Amy) & Britmum's blogs too- I couldn't agree with you more,well deserved!
Congrats to all the ladies!!
Take Care!

frannie said...

congrats to you on your thinkin' award! I can't get the scarecrow's song from Wizard of Oz out of my head.

velocibadgergirl said...

Congrats! You're the bomb diggety! xoxo

Unknown said...

Chick, you absolutely made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If my kids knew I had a blog, or what one was, I'm sure they would thank you, too.

Having this blog has been one of the most therapeutic things I've done during this time in my life. And to be nominated for an award on top of it by someone who's "too sexy"...well, that's the icing on the cake.

You ARE awesome, Chick. Thanks!

(And I'll have to work on my nominations when I'm over this stomach flu. Blech!)

SJINCO said...

Congrats on your award! I read AmyW (she's a high school friend!) and I have to agree with you 100%.....She's awesome.

The others, I'll have to check out, well because you said so.