Friday, September 07, 2007

I can't take responsibility for these children.

Boy Child and Girl Child were having a discussion about the movie "Carrie" this morning. Neither of them has ever SEEN the movie "Carrie" and Girl Child was referring to it as "Kerr" this morning, but both of them obviously have a great deal of knowledge about it, as evidenced by the conversation they were having.

BC: So then, she gets oxen blood all over her.
GC: Oxen blood! No, it was pig blood!
BC: I'm pretty sure it was oxen blood Girl Child.
GC: No. I'm sure. I'm certain. I'm positive. It was pig blood.
BC: Mom? Was it pig blood.
Me: It was pig blood.
BC: Gah. That's asstastic.


BC: Mom? I forget. Is asstastic good or bad?
Me: Bad.


GC: Really, it could go either way.
BC: No kidding. I mean, one the one hand you say ass, which is usually bad.
GC, interjecting: Especially if you've been eating beans!
BC: But then there's "tastic", like fantastic. Which is good.
GC: It's not just good. It's fantastic!
BC: But the ass is SO bad-
Me: Can you guys please just get out of the car and go to freaking school now?!?!?

I mean really.

Oxen blood? Come on.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking your kids are quite cool. And intelligent.

But they're kids, and it's much cooler to be cool than to be intelligent.

So I'll just go with cool.

God, I sound so uncool, don't I?

SJINCO said...

Ya'll are so funny. I would love to be a fly on the wall on any given day just to experience it in real life.

Rock on.

Em said...

Sounds like it is time to Netflix a copy of Carrie and have family movie night. Settle that blood question once and for all. LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Could your kids be any freakin' funnier?!

Unknown said...

I'm thinking your kids need to read the book. But, wow! What a conversation. And, the thought process there, amazing. TOO funny, as always.

Emma in Canada said...

I don't think I had even heard of Carrie when I was their age. And I still haven't seen it.

Thanks for clearing up the oxen or pig blood question though. I wondered myself.

Jocelyn said...

Yea, where they ever learned scandalous words like "oxen" and "blood," I won't warrant a guess.

Those kids do know how to frame an argument. I found myself swaying in their collective palm, as I read your recounting.

Angie said...

That was an asstastic entry!

Unknown said...

Sounds like they'd score pretty high on the verbal reasoning tests! lololol

Unknown said...

It was pig blood. But Oxen blood sounds much more exotic, and scarier somehow. And? I think asstastic is my new favorite word.

frannie said...

they should change it to oxen blood--- that would have been even more asstastic for carrie (in the bad way--- especially if she had been eating beans)

Pgoodness said...

Oxen?? LOL!! And the entire justification of asstastic? FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!! They are hilarious.

Patiently waiting said...

"Oxen" and "Asstastic"=two words that are definitely going to be added to my vocabulary. Chick, you never cease to crack me up. Thanks for the laugh.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I hope it's not creepy, but I love your kids.

Anonymous said...

Boy child and girl child? Can be friends with Little Man any day.

And also, asstastic is such a Chick word, that this proves once and for all that those kids came out of your belly.

Denise said...

too funny!

my4kids said...

your kids are too cute. I love the reasoning!

EE said...

You made my night!!!!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Can I have your kids please? You can come visit whenever you want.