Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And I do my little turn on the catwalk...

I am what you would call, “fashionably challenged”. Or maybe just "fashion challenged" I don't know. The point is, I'm not fashion forward so much as I am a huge mess.

Most days of my life I am wearing the following:
A plain, colored t-shirt, with some sort of scooped neck
Jeans or Capri pants (depending on the weather)
Crocs. Not just any Crocs, but the ones that look like Mary Janes. I’m cool like that.

Today? Not so much. All my Capri pants are packed in anticipation of my trip!to!Disney!World! next week. In my closet this morning I found a pair of jeans that I bought in the spring and never bothered to wear, because they have…I can’t believe I’m going to admit this…zippers on the legs. Hello 1986! It’s been a while my friend!

I usually wear boot-cut and these are as skinny as skinny jeans for a fat girl can actually be. I don’t even know why I bought these.

Okay, I do know why. They were on sale and my size and I needed pants.

They are the dark colored jeans. I put them on and they actually look okay. I’m still not crazy about the zippers, though.

So anyway. Then, I went looking for a shirt. I found this white one that’s a wrap top. I like wrap tops, but they aren’t crazy about me. But I put it on anyway, because what else do you wear with dark pants, right?

I don’t know. I don’t make sense at all.

So I put on this ensemble and looked in the mirror to make sure my boobs weren’t hanging out. They weren’t.

Then I went into the kitchen where Jason was preparing lunches for himself and the children. Because I can’t touch lunch meat. Or think about it…eww.

“Do I look okay?” I asked. And prepared myself.

Because my husband? Brutally honest in a nice way. He’s not one of those husband who would say, “You look fine” if you were wearing curlers and a floral tent. He's the one that says, "Your eyebrows could use some work babe."

Oh? And he expects me to tell him if he is misgroomed. No, he really does.


He scrutinized me. I mean, really, really scrutinized me.

And then he said, “Yes. You look fine. And those pants are somewhat slimming.”

I’m totally wearing them from now on!

And? I need to go shoe shopping. Who wants to come with?


Mrs. Booms said...

I so want to go... And a man who says slimming... so awesome.

My husband asked me what I thought about shirt this morning. I asked where he got it before I answered. He replied "your grandmother"...

I said "I don't like that shirt at all". He took it off and threw it in the charity bag... Yuck...

I thought for half a second, honest or not... I couldn't let him walk out of the house that way.

Dreamer said...

oohhhh...I LOVE SHOPPING. I would so go with you. If I didn't live in GA.



That's great that the pants looked good on you.

And, I have no fashion sense either. I almost always wear my hubbys shirts and a pair of pants.

Unknown said...

Awww. Yay for Jason. He so mad your day. And, with Disney on the horizon? I'd say you're on cloud 9.

Angie said...

I'm all for shoe shopping.

West Towne?
Turkey Creek?
Knoxville Center?


I'm sorry, it still makes me smile that we live near each other. We probably will bump into each other one of these days!

Angie said...

. . .and for the record, if we *do* run into each other, I'll be the blubbering idiot talking a freaking mile a minute!

frannie said...

meet you there, babe-alicious!

Dawn~a~Bon said...

I love you! Can you and angie and I go shoe shopping together?

I bet you look fierce.

SJINCO said...

First of all, can I borrow Jason? Second of all, I have big girl Mary Jane Crocs too - in pink. I LOVE THEM.

And of course I'd love to go shoe shopping with you, it's my favorite type of shopping to do and.....

You always look great, I'm sure of it.

Sleeping Mommy said...

When you go to Disney World you can buy Mickey/Minnie Mouse crocs. Instead of the holes being circles they are mickey heads. They have them in black and red. Red and black, light pink and cream (what I got when we went in September), dark pink and some other colors. I was in heaven. I finally got REAL crocs, not knock offs and they were a GOD-SEND for my poor blister-prone feet.

Just thought you should know. Mickey Mouse Crocs. Can I get a Whut-whut?

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'll take honest over deceptive and manipulative any day! You must be feeling so spiffy!

Unknown said...

shoe shopping? I'm so in!

Real Life in South Carolina said...

I'll go shopping with you, but can we bring your husband? I always need a couple of honest opinions because I have big ugly feet!

my4kids said...

They are selling zipper pants again? I used to wear those and thought they were so cool. I like to wear boot cut pants also other then that I am way fashion challenged. I have a friend in Oregon who was always trying to help me with that but I think she gave up a couple of years ago....

Unknown said...

I hate shopping. But I love (read: LOOOOVVEE) shoes and clothes. And I have a good eye for what sits right on a woman. So, I'd go shopping with you even though I hate shopping. But we'd be very fast. Because I hate shopping. But my eyes? They're like a hawk and I can spot incredible bargains....that look seconds.

Anonymous said...

ME ME ME ME!!! I want to come with on the shoe shopping :)

Horray for awesome pants--I have a pair that I LOVE and am dreading the day they fall apart!!

Anonymous said...

So I'd like to be all nice and say "zippers on your big deal." But, chick, really what were you thinking? Hey, at least they're slimming!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to hear about your Disney World trip. I just booked our trip for the first week of February...I am so excited for you! Shhhh! Don't tell my is a Christmas present! Keeping this secret will be the death of me!