Friday, January 11, 2008

Like that.

So today Boy Child was talking endlessly about recess. How awesome it was and how much fun it is and how nice it's been outside.

So I say, "Enjoy recess while you can, Boy Child. I'd give anything to get to go outside for an hour every day during work and run around like a crazy person."

He nodded, sadly. "I know. It's just this year and then next year and then? Middle school. And no more recess."

My heart? Dropped to my toes.

Middle school.


How on EARTH could these little children that I just gave birth to like, last week, be nearly ready for middle school?

How is this even possible? How is this even FAIR?

Then? I come home, open up my Gmail and the very first message says:

"Is there a Mylastname baby due in 2008?"


NO, but thank you, idiotic spammer, for making me feel horrendous about my personal fertility.

Then? My friend Allison called and said, "How are you doing?" and I began sobbing hysterically. Because I am, most decidedly, not fine. Not at all.

Then? I clicked on my blog and clicked on my Site Meter and noticed I was getting hits from Ask and Ye Shall Receive, which is a review blog.

And I started getting nervous because, well, you always put yourself out there when someone reviews your blog. Especially someone who has the f word in their URL.

So I went to the review and here is what I see:

Which, on their site means:

Four stars couldn’t do you justice! You rock it like a hurricane, and if you’re single, we’d love to do you doggy style. Rawr!

So they like me and also, apparently, want to do me. Except, you know, I have Jason.

So that made me cry most of all. Not the having Jason part, the other part.

And it was a good cry.

I needed a good cry.


Allie said...

I fucking love you chick, except I'm sorry I don't want to do you doggy style because I totally respect your marriage to Jason. But see, I told you that you rock!

Randi said...

Wow! Congratulations!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I love, love, love that review. They so totally nailed it. Glad you got some outside validation - such a lovely thing, isn't it?

Michelle said...

That, is a F-Fantastic review. Wowsa. Print that out and keep it for a rainy day. And keep blogging. :)

SJINCO said...

What a great review! I eff'ing love you too!

CrankMama said...

I just stumbled across your blog and have to agree that it rocks. Congratulations!

frannie said...

I couldn't have said it any better!!!

You are fan-fucking-tastic!!!

julie said...


Stupid f-ing spammers, anyway...

Anonymous said... great.

Dreamer said...

Congrats about the review. Spam is aggrivating, they are always asking me to make my penis bigger.... I always wonder if maybe they are sending that to me to get my husband to buy that crap? I dunno....


Unknown said...

great review!

I know how totally unexpected things can set us kewl infertiles off. I'm sorry you got that craptastic spam on an otherwise good day.

my4kids said...

Congrats on the great review!

Sorry about the day. I still ask myself how Izzak got old enough to be a middle schooler, he's not old enough yet is he???

Good cries are nice sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I found you on Ask and you shall recieve and the review is well deserved! I was reviewed on there too once and thankfully got a great review too, whew!

I understand the frustration with infertility. My husband and I have no children and we tried for quite a few years. We eventually gave up and have come to terms with the fact that it will just be him and I.

It's difficult sometimes though, because I live in a country that only recently I've accepted as my home and at the moment every single friend I've made is either a new mom or currently expecting. Lemme tell ya, it's hard as hell to sit around with your friends when they do nothing but talk about pregnancy, nipples, childbirth, breast feeding etc.

I feel your pain girl!

Heather {Desperately Seeking Sanity} said...

I turned 31 this week. That did not make me feel old.

On Friday, the child that I just gave birth to will be 11. But on Tuesday, I'm attending Orientation and Registration at the middle school with him.

That? Makes me feel old. And it makes me want to cry.

So I can totally relate.

And I agree with the review, minus the f bomb... :) I read fan-freakin-tabulous.. dead on!

Patiently waiting said...

I know exactly how you feel with the kids growing up thing. It seems like just the other day that I enrolled Abi in school and now she has one more year after this one, at the elementary school. Next year she'll be going to the middle school!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you really need that review for validation? You have so many of us validating you every day : )

You still deserve a big congratulations, though...


Kelly said...

Thats awesome! Congratulations!! I love reading your blog...You my friend are an AWESOME writer and have a GREAT Sense of humor and such a way with words!! Fantastic!! Totally deserved (for some reason this word doesn't look like it is spelled correctly..I've rewritten it 3 times...ack..I'm leaving it.)

yellowdoggranny said...

they didn't do you rock sweety...

Edie said...

After the day you had the day before, you today needed a good cry!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I fucking love you too!!! You are awesome!